Top 10 Full Length Album Download Sites To Download MP3 Music Albums Zip Files Free and Legal

Looking for free and legal MP3 Music Albums download websites? There’s so much free music sites available. Here are the Top 10 Full Length Album Download Sites which will help you to To Download MP3 Music Albums on the latest release of different singers in a different genre as well. If you are searching for Full Length Album Download Sites Please follow our article.

Album Download Sites
Top 20 Websites to Download Full Albums Free

  • YouTubeByClick
  • iSkySoft iMusic
  • FreeSound
  • Jamendo
  • Free Music Archive
  • Public Domain 4u
  • AudioNautix
  • AllMp3s
  • BumFoot
  • Incompetech
  • NoiseTrade
  • MadeLoud
  • SoundCloud
  • SoundOwl
  • IBeat
  • BandCamp
  • ArtsitServer
  • AudioFarm
  • Musopen

There are numerous websites available to download the entire full length mp3 music albums but we have tried to compile the best ones for our users.

Music Album Download Sites

 Best 10 Album Download Sites

Here every one found Best 10 music Album download sites that actually work. These sites made the cut because of they:

1) host tons of music and

2) offer well organized and easily searchable databases.

3) Best of all, they are completely free and legal.


  • is one of the best websites that have made downloading videos, songs and photo albums from YouTube and from many other video streaming sites very easily.
  • You can easily download media not only from YouTube but also from Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Soundclick.
  • You may download multiple albums from here. Also, download albums of any format you want like mp3 and mp4. Just you have to name it and the format you desired will be downloaded.
  • It is the best choice to download all full length albums. You can download any playlists or even the entire album from YouTube channel. It is just more than an album downloader.

  • is one of the top website for downloading full albums for free. FreeSound has a huge collection of sound patches and samples music.
  • The website has several sound patches and instrumental music. It is beneficial to people who want to download various samples albums for their various projects.
  • The music albums available on this site is of high quality and can search by using tags. You simply need to enter the tag of the song or music then site searches for it and gives the result.
  • To access this website you need to login before you want to download any song or album.

  • is one of the oldest sites which has a database of old classic movies albums.
  • This site consists of albums of all ages. This is site allows you to find old classic songs.
  • There are some music portals which sell old classics by paid service. You have to search for the genre and the songs of old classics will be found. But the problem
  • But the problem with this site is you cannot download the full album you have to download individual songs from a collection of albums.

  • is the best site to download full albums free. This site has a plenty of albums from latest to trending ones.
  • Jamendo site is free of cost and can download albums anytime.
  • The website has an amazing feature Discover Tool, where you can search for all the music by artist, album, track, genre, instrument, mood, theme.
  • This site also has an amazing feature where you can listen to songs online.
  • If you want to make money by your songs and albums then you have to go for license services. Every user has to login to the site to download full albums free.

Free Music Archive

  • is another famous site to search for albums to download for free.
  • In some wesites, it is difficult to find for your favourite albums. This site is very easy to use because you can search in this site using tags related to songs, artists, albums, genres and tracks and can download the desired ones for free.
  • It has multiple categories which allow users to download full albums free without any difficulty.
  • The site has a huge database and each song has its own page. The site has a great feature where you can find songs on sort of release date which made it intelligent site.

Public Domain 4u

  • is the website where you can download full-length albums free.
  • The name itself tells that it entails public domain music. The songs available on this site have good quality and streaming.
  • You can search various songs on this site by popular artists. This site has a collection of historical music albums.
  • The website has a simple user interface where you can search for songs by using basic tags. There are also some amazing tunes where you can download along with full albums free.

  • is another best website to download full albums free. This site has not only albums but also consists of a huge collection of instrument and samples music.
  • Only a few sites have this feature. The site has an excellent player which works perfectly. You can search on this site very easily using tags.
  • The genres in this site have only a few songs. The albums on this site are copyright free. The search possesses on this site is very easy.

  • is a great site to download full albums free. In this site, you can access to free mp3 songs and free albums.
  • The site has a variety of songs from top albums, Hindi songs, hip-hop, pop, rock music and more.
  • The home page of the site has a search bar which allows you to search for any song by song name or by typing the name of the artist.
  • Another feature of this site is you can convert YouTube videos to mp3 format and of good quality.


  • BumFoot is another website to download full albums free. The music these days comprises of electronic and techno pieces.
  • BumFoot is a site which provides some songs of these genres. BumFoot is site which has a huge database of trance, Techno and electronic genres.
  • It has an amazing feature where you can listen to songs online. You can download full albums free following a simple procedure.
  • BumFoot has a UI which has a search tag on its home page where you can search for any song or album by typing name of the album or name of the artist.

iSkySoft iMusic

  • iSkySoft iMusic is also well known as all in one music manager. It supports on Windows and Mac OS.
  • iSkySoft iMusic allows discovering music and downloading free music and also has other features like recording songs and playlists and can transfer music between Apple devices and iTunes, transfer between Apple device and Android phone.
  • It is the best site to download full albums free and all in one music manger. The site offers three plans 1year license, lifetime license and more personal licenses.
[Discliamer: Some of the following websites may be a danger or harm. Please check before downloading any file. We are not responsible for any circumstance.]

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