Top 10 Best Amazon Simple Storage Service Alternatives

Amazon Simple Storage Services is a highly advanced and scalable object storage platform that will surely like to go with the services and is capable of dealing with backup & archive, big data issues and much more. This cloud storage platform is designed to make the web scale based computing easier and simpler for the developers. Amazon Simple Storage Service offers the comprehensive security and compliance capabilities to its users in which they can meet the stringent regulatory requirements. This storage services also provides flexibility to manage data for cost optimization, compliance, access control for any other purpose. There are some alternatives to this storage services that provide the same & advanced facilities related to Amazon Simple Storage Services. See out list of top 10 best Amazon Simple Storage Service Alternatives.

Amazon Simple Storage Service Alternatives

 Best Amazon Simple Storage Service Alternatives

Here we provide information regarding best Amazon Simple Storage Service Alternatives.

1. XenoNode

XenoNode is one of the leading cloud solution providers that have employed best cloud services to ensure the quality performance with peace of mind at affordable prices. The main areas of services of XenoNode are website hosting system, availability of OpenVZ virtual servers, Virtual Server availability and Virtual Network.


2. Smart File

It secures business file sharing web application that manages users and controls data through robust access permission and custom user roles. The features of Smart File includes Indexed activity logs, OCR content search, virtual folder links quick file and user auditing etc. Smart File has the ability to add unlimited users to make Smart File a true business solution. Smart File is built on API that is available to the public through several open source SDKs. It also offers an on-premise appliance for larger enterprises seeking to gain security, control and compliance by moving file sharing off the cloud behind the network.


3. Cogeco Peer 1:

Cogeco Peer 1 assists the users to run fast and lean by getting advanced and highly professional, dedicated and managed server hosting services across the globe. Cogeco Peer 1 has the resourceful technology that the users need for their database management, network management, application management and e-commerce management. With a growing fleet of global high-performance data centers and leading technology partners, Cogeco Peer 1 will ensure the clients enjoy fast and reliable access to their applications and data.


4. Dream Objects

Dream Objects is a cost-effective, public cloud storage service in which the user can access it through this panel programmatically. It is compatible with eh APIs of Amazon S3 and Swift-based object storage services like Rackspace Cloud Files. Dream Objects is perfect for developers who need a scalable storage solution for their web apps and software projects. Individuals can use Dream Objects to backup files and inexpensively store photos, music and videos.


5. Cloud Sigma

Cloud Sigma is a cloud management service which offers a simple and transparent approach to pricing for its users. This platform bills the users according to eh resources consumption in aggregate for account and leaving the users tension free all the time. This cloud computing platform lets the users get instant provisioning of virtual servers, computing resources and cloud management services.


6. Webzilla Instant Files

Webzilla Instant Files is an online storage offering triple data redundancy for unbeatable prices in which backup tools for all operating systems are supported. Webzilla Instant Files are capable of serving multimedia content and video streaming.


7. Scaleway

Scaleway is one of the cloud platform that offers the cloud servers multiple downloads at very lowest prices. The users who are willing to use Scaleway need to pay up to the extent they use this services. It is a great way for managing the infrastructure at large scale.


8. GoGrid

GoGrid areas of expertise include private and public sector cloud, PCI compliance, security, database, storage, network and disaster recovery. The datapipe staff operates data centers in influential, technical and financial markets including New York Metro, Ashburn VA, Silicon Valley and Iceland etc.


9. OpenStack

OpenStack is an open source program that creates private & managed cloud platform. It allows the developers to manage and control large pools of computing related issues, storage and networking resources by means of a datacenter that manage all things in dashboard system. The main advantage of OpenStack is its collaboration with a wide range of enterprise and open source technologies.


10. Rackspace

Rackspace is an IT hosting company that is based in San Antonio, Texas. The company has its offices in Australia, UK, and Netherlands. The datacenters for Rackspace are operated in Texas, Virginia, United Kingdom & Hong Kong in 2008 and the company’s email & apps division operates in Blacksburg, VA.

Website: www.rackspace.comv


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