Top 10 Best Dictionary Apps for Android (2018 Update)

Dictionary is a special book that allows the user to discover new words and understand their meaning in which the user’s come across daily and Android is considered as the best platform to learn something new. The dictionary comprises of a large number of words, meaning and their definitions. It is difficult to handle a dictionary every time and search for a word in the dictionary which consists of numerous pages and it might be a frustrating experience for the users to find the meanings, synonyms and many things related to the word. There is the best method to find the synonym of the words i.e. using a dictionary app on mobile. The applications use a fast searching algorithm to get the meaning of words from the database table. Let’s look at Top 10 Best Dictionary Apps for Android.

Best Dictionary Apps for Android

Best Dictionary Apps for Android

There are various dictionary apps for Android and here we provide a list of Best Dictionary Apps for Android which are furnished below.

Dictionary Linguee

Dictionary Linguee is one of the newer free dictionary apps for Android and it is specialized in cross-language translations and definitions. It supports languages like English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, and many other languages. The user may get the search using audio pronunciations, usages along with example sentences etc.

Pocket Thesaurus

This is one of the types of dictionary app that comes under the category of Google Play store. It can be used by the user with greater understanding of the English language and boasts up with 20MB install size which is fairly a reasonable considering that covers 90, 000 common words. There is a floating thesaurus mode which lets the user to see synonyms of words simply by selecting them. It works well when paired with simply similar dictionary app for a one-two combo.

Oxford Dictionary

Oxford is a popular dictionary app which is easy to use. When the user run the Oxford dictionary app on their Android phone, the user can see a large popup that provides details on the premium version of the app. The main interface of this app includes the search box, which is used to enter the word and below this search box, the app provides a list of words of about 300K that are accompanied by a vertical scrollbar. This app supports voice input and makes users be aware of the words that they search.    

Cambridge Idioms Dictionary

This mobile dictionary app offers users explanations for over 7000 different idioms that are used throughout North American, Australian and British vernaculars. It’s easy to use and the content found within might be helpful for those who are trying to improve their conversational skills and to get grips with different cultures and understand the terms.

English to Hindi Dictionary

English – Hindi Dictionary app is the second best dictionary app that is available on Android which translates English words into Hindi. It is supported in both online and offline modes and is totally free app that provides detail meanings along with grammar & examples. With the help of this app, we can not only translate English – Hindi, but can also translate from Hindi – English. It provides the definition of a word in both Hindi & English and also provides regular updates and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Law Dictionary

This dictionary app provides all the definitions related to legal procedures and paper-work. This app is helpful to those who need to understand something that is written handed and also helpful to understand a letter etc. This dictionary app is having 14, 000 definitions concerning all types of Law and is concerned as the decent app that is to be installed by a tenant or a landlord or a business owner. App

This is the top & best dictionary app of Dictionary website and this app provide over lac definition of different English words & phrases. It is also useful to learn a new word from this app as it provides everyday a ‘word of the day’. It provides correct audio pronunciation of the world and also gives example for the words with sentences. This app is used by 500 million users approximately and have the availability to download the app from Google Play Store.

Merriam – Webster Dictionary

It is the most respected dictionary app in the United States that comes with various quiz tests for building vocabulary & learning new words. This app provides a word pronouncer tool and has a quick definition utility which displays definitions of words and also maintains a list of words which are searched by the user recently.

Offline English Dictionary

This is another app that focusses on multiple languages and supports over two dozens of languages. Each language has its own dictionary and can be downloaded for offline use. The app includes a built-in thesaurus and the user can use it when needed. Apart from it, the app doesn’t cover the basics including sentence examples, word correction, and audio pronunciation.

Dictionary Wordweb

Wordweb Dictionary is one of the free dictionary apps available for Android featured with 285000 words, 225000 sense definitions and more. There is a built-in thesaurus, pronunciations and many more. Its unique features provide the ability to find commonly usable offline and are completely free and it is relatively simple and doesn’t have common features like audio pronunciations.


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