DC Mega Millions | District Of Columbia Lottery | Results, Winning Numbers, Past Drawings

The Mega Millions game began in 1996 but it was joined in District of Columbia Lottery on January 31, 2010. In this game, the jackpot begins at 40 million dollars.

DC Mega Millions


Draw Day Tuesdays and Fridays
Draw TimeAt 11:00 pm
Draw ClosesAt 10:45 pm

How To Play

Each play costs $2 ($3 if adding Megaplier)

1. One who is interested in playing DC Mega Millions game has to buy a bet slip from the lottery retailer.

  1. Pick 5 numbers from 1-70 numbers and one Mega Ball number from 1-25 numbers in DC Mega Millions bet slip.
  2. Select Quick Pik (QP) option in DC Mega Millions bet slip to have the terminal randomly pick numbers for you.
  3. Per bet slipup to five sets of numbers can be played.

5.Multi-Draw (optional): Mark “Multi-Draw “ box in DC Mega Millions bet slip to play your numbers indicated on playboards for the number of drawings you want if more than one to play the same numbers for up to 20 consecutive drawings. Just select the desired number of drawings to play consecutive drawings.


  • Can be added to any DC Mega Millions ticket for just $1.
  • Your non-jackpot winnings are multiplied by 2 to 5 times on most prize levels
  • The Megaplier is drawn during the Mega Millions drawing. Mark “Yes” on the DC Mega Millions bet slip or ask the retailer for Megaplier

7..After completing all the fields in the slip player has to give the slip to a Lottery Sales Agent. Then the Sales Agent will give you a DC Mega Millions ticket as your receipt.

NOTE: Player has to check DC Mega Millions TICKET that it represents the numbers and drawings that you wanted to play are mentioned correctly or not, as it is the only proof for the player of playing these numbers. The Lottery has to be signed at the back of the ticket by the player to identify ownership for your own protection.


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