Top 10 Best Droid4x Alternative Android Emulators

Droid4x is one of the best Android simulator is the aspects of user interface, compatibility and performance. It provides better performance experience comparing other Android simulators. Graphic Controlling feature is considered as the biggest asset of Droid4x simulator and the users can play motion games on their PC better than that on a phone. It lets the user to copy & paste command between the user’s computer operating system and the simulator. The user can also use mouse scroll wheel for zooming facility and this app is pre-rooted with Google Play Store and service of shake the screen is also part of it. Now let’s look for the Top 10 Best Droid4x Alternative Android Emulators.

Droid4x Alternative Android Emulators

Best Droid4x Alternative Android Emulators

Some of the Droid4x Alternatives are as follows:

Xamarin Android Player

Xamarin Android Player provides the user the possibility of testing, debugging, running Android Apps in a comfortable environment on Windows. It supports different virtual phone models with various Android versions and the users might have the facility to do anything on their PC in which the user would normally do on Android Phone. Xamarin Android Player is available for Windows, Mac OS X and is free of cost. It works very much like Android emulator that is available with the Android SDK.

KOPlayer APK Install

KOPlayer APK Install is a well-designed and is easy to use tool designed to save the APK files locally. This application offers an impressive amount of content, quick access and comes with a modern looking interface. The program window of this player takes up very little screen space and the user can minimize the application when they download multiple files and can save apps on local storage. The user can find specific items easily with a basic search function with no advance filters.

Jar of Beans

Jar of Beans is a software alternative to play people’s most favorite Android Jelly Beans games on Computer or Laptop. Most of the people failed to install their favorite games on Android emulator for PC due to compatibility issues. With the help of Jar of Beans, everyone can install Jelly Bean games and apps on their PC which has gained root access. The user can customize screen resolutions easily.  It provides new features over other emulators and compatibility with Jelly Beans making different from others. The user can install Jar of Beans for al Windows Platforms like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Bliss OS

Bliss OS is an open source community that can run as a daily driver syncing the user’s apps, settings and customizations across all platforms that run on Bliss OS. Bliss OS comes with a wide selection of customization options, functions and is even themable out of the box using rootless Substratum with many options available on Bliss.

Visual Studio Emulator

For latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio Emulator for Android is a desktop application that emulates an Android device and provides a virtualized environment in which the user can debug and test Android app without a physical device. This emulator provides and isolated environment for the application protoypes and is designed to provide comparable performance to an actual size. The user can test the app on a unique device profile for each of the Android platforms, screen resolutions and other hardware properties supported by Visual Studio Emulator for Android.

Console OS

Console OS, being an alternative of Droid4x alternative is a source to get an adequate version of Android OS into your Windows powered PC. It’s just like a Linux distribution that can be installed on the user’s PC with Windows. It provides stunning features when the users approach Android on the user’s computer or laptop. The user can run two apps side-by-side using Console OS app and it is compatible with Android and Kitkat and it is not available for devices to run on NVIDIA or AMD.

AR Chon Custom Runtime

AR Chon will be installed as an unpacked Chrome extension and it can run apps in AR Chon runtime that install as unpacked Chrome extensions. There are various methods of converting apps to AR Chon runtime which includes using Chrome OS-APK tool, AR Chon Packager Android app, manually or simply find an already pre-modified version in a community maintained list. It also offers an easy way of generating Chrome packages using an Android device.


GenyMotion is one of the best Droid4x alternative and Android emulator present in the software market. GenyMotion is a quick and powerful Android emulator for Windows and this software is easy to use and can emulate a number of Android phones like Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy family products. It has the facility to enable the geo-location options and increase/decrease the size of emulator windows after launching of Android applications. GenyMotion has some advanced features to satisfy Android developers and experts and it will find no difficulty to establish a reference product in the market. The user can run GenyMotion and create a GenyMotion Account which allows the user to download profiles of phones to the emulator.


AMIDuOS is one of the easiest, fastest & simplest Android emulators at the moment available for the Windows devices. This tool is basically used for running Android apps either for general purpose or for game based on Windows devices. Users can use it for free for thirty days and later if the user need to go for a paid version if the user is satisfied with its performance. Two main features and functions of AMIDuOS are that it is having full Android experience and greater apps compatibility all the time. The advanced features & functions that are being offered by Android emulator is that it offers the users the best fun and entertainment experience.


Leapdroid is a piece of software that allows the user to run Android apps on other devices. This is one of the Android Emulator that allows the user to use their favorite apps without having any worry about clunky touchpad typing, battery life while computer’s larger display makes the user to view text & images easily. Using Leapdroid, the user can create multiple emulator profiles simultaneously which allows to play the same game while logged in from different accounts. Key mapping can take a while for complex apps but in most cases, the translation simply means clicking instead of tapping especially for games.


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