Top 10 Best Game Recording Software for Windows

Are a game lover and want to record the gameplay in Windows. Just download the game and start playing it, doesn’t help you. You always need some kind of instructions and tricks to play, game recording is the best way for that. For you there are number of various recording soft wares available for you including paid and free. Here in this we are mentioning the best Game Recording Software for Windows.

Best Game Recording Software

Best Game Recording Software for Windows

Today games are the biggest entertainment and there are number of games are available for you on the internet. You can record your favorite games for your usage. Number of game recording soft wares are available for you on Internet.

Let’s see the ten best game recording soft wares, which will help you to record the gameplay footage.

Shadow Play

Shadow Play is one of the great free software for recording your favorite gaming moments. It uses latest Nvidia Geforce GPU instead of your CPU for performance. It has two modes, Shadow mode and manual mode. The manual mode is standard, there is unlimited recording option is providing for you. In the Shadow mode, only last 20 minutes of your game play will be recorded and older will be deleted. So if you find any great moment to record, you have press a single button to save the recording of last 20 minutes. As per your preference you can stream the video in your PC storage.

XSplit Gamecaster

XSplit Gamecaster is one of the best option for the users those who are looking for excellent game recording software. It provides both video recording and streaming to hard drive, but its best for streaming. In this you can start your game recording with a single press of a button, and XSplit will configure the settings according to your PC for you. It has features such as, picture-in-picture mode, video annotations, watermarks, and social media integration etc. Through this software you can edit videos with a built-in video editor easily and share them with the world.


Fraps is a very light tool and it just a 2.3 Mb software. Its features are very limited and you need to record and stream videos with some added information. Fraps can capture any video at 7680×4800 resolution with custom frames that can be adjusted anywhere between 1-120 fps. While playing a game to see how smooth it is working, it will show total frames per second on the side of the screen. Light software, Benchmark tool and High quality video with customizable frames are some of the important features of this game recording software.

Open Broadcaster Software

Open Broadcaster is free, open-source for the users. In this you can get tons of customization options. It has a very simple interface which will provide you all the information. If you want to record video just select the source start recording, you are not required to change any special settings for recording the videos. It is capable of recording in MP4 and FLV formats. You can live stream the video over popular websites like, YouTube, Hitbox and Twitch etc. or save the video output in your PC.


Bandicam is one of the good tool. It is simple to use and offers everything that a beginner needs. It is not one of the most feature rich game recording software and offers all the required features to its users. You have an option that you can record videos at customizable frame rates and 4k Ultra HD resolution. It offers small size video recordings also. You can record for 24 hours and you can fix schedule times to record and stop the recording. With just the press of a button all your recordings can be easily shared to YouTube.


Action is one of the paid game recording software. It offers tons of amazing features to the users. Here you can create High quality video up to 4k resolution. With this remote access feature you can control your PC with your Android phone and also play your PC games on Android. Action has Time-Shift mode, but it is limited to 10 minutes instead of 20 minutes. Some features are providing for your videos like cropping, effects like slow motion and other basic editing features. The videos can be streamed over all popular services like, YouTube, Livestream Hitbox, Twitch and Ustream, etc.

WM Capture

WM Capture is one a video game recording tool. And it is a screen recording app that can capture almost everything at high quality. It can record a video of the whole screen and save it in different formats like, WMV, MPEG and AVI, etc. The audio will be recorded from both speakers and mic. There is one good option that you can also schedule recordings and take screenshot of each and every frame of a video. Customizable capture windows, Take screenshot of video frames and save video to multiple formats are some major features of it.


D3DGear is a very simple game recording software for the users. It uses GPU acceleration to put pressure on GPU, not the CPU just like other software. This software automatically identifies games and connects with them. If you want to start or stop recording you just need to press the hotkey. It has best features like extremely light, one button process and real-time video compression etc. Here you can stream the video over other popular services like Twitch, YouTube and Hitbox, etc.

Use Windows 10 Game Bar

You don’t need any kind of game recording software, if you have Windows 10. Windows 10 has game recording feature called Game Bar. Game Bar is simple to use. And it offers great video quality. Built in to Windows 10, Easy use and Free are the key features of it.  You will keep recording your game with the background recording feature of Game Bar. By Pressing Windows key+Alt+G, You can recover recording of last 30 seconds.


Dxtory is another simple tool. And it offers tons of features to you. It has an extreme simple interface it very easy to understand all settings. You can get the best Videos with its highest quality feature. Audio settings are also quite robust to record two sounds simultaneously and adds watermarks to every video recorded.  Light and simple, Robust customization options are best features of this game recording software.


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