Top 10 Best Google Analytics Alternatives You Should Consider

Google Analytics is a popular tool for tracking website launched by Google to track reports of the Google visitors. It is now most widely used web service on internet offered in two additional versions viz. Google Analytics 360 and Google Analytics for Mobile Apps. Google Analytics is very competent analytics tool and is free. Google Analytics is technically not a flawless product and the alternatives offer various features and functionality to overcome all its flaws. Now let’s look for various Google Analytics Alternatives that helps the users to overcome all their flaws.

Google Analytics Alternatives

Best 10 Google Analytics Alternatives

Some of the best Google Analytics Alternatives are as follows:

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is purely an enterprise level service which includes website and mobile app analytics along with advanced features like real-time automation and decision making tools. Adobe Analytics is meant for larger businesses or ones that really require advanced segmentation for specific data. One of the great things about Adobe Analytics is that the user doesn’t have the need to involve IT team with the help of the dynamic tag management system.



Mouseflow, being one of the Google Analytics Alternatives is the unique tool that leaves traditional reports and enables the user to track the user behavior using recordings and heat-maps. It is able to sort the recordings according to the criteria of various aspects and works on desktops and almost all mobile appliances. The platform features of Mouseflow enables the user’s to get a front-row seat to interact with the users website which is being critical for increasing conversions.


Go Squared

Go Squared is one of the Google Analytics alternative which has progressed to include a live chat feature and a CRM tool. It presents a dashboard that is divided into three main categories like live stats, historical data and e-commerce data. The live dashboard of this website gives a glace view of the exact number of current visitors, top traffic sources, most popular content, geographic locations of visitors and few other data points and the dashboard does a good job of providing an immediate overview of the site activity. It provides a lot of data and presents it in a way that the user can easily understand and should keep in mind that in contrast to Google Analytics, the emphasis of GoSquared is on identifying trends and getting a view of what’s happening on the user’s site.



Chartbeat is said to be and alternative of Google Analytics and this analytics provider offers a real-time view of visitors by interacting in the user’s site and also has some features that are built specifically for ad-supported sites like magazines, video based content or some other new sites. It gives the user the detailed insights of the visitors that where the visitors are clicking, the scroll-depth on pages, video-playback statistics and more. It can be a powerful tool for magazine and news sites that receive a high volume of traffic.


Mixpanel: (4)

This analytics platform stands apart focusing on events rather than page views which stands as an important difference in reality to that of a page view. Mixpanel is designed for businesses to sell products or services that comes with packed features like advanced segmentation, detailed retention reports, customer groupings, behavior based analytics, customer life-time value and many more.


Piwik: (3)

Piwik is fully an open source platform and it enables the users to set up their own analytics solution on the web host of their own choice and track as many websites as needed. Piwik distinguishes itself from the competition to its advanced customization features and using this functionality, the user can tailor the analytics experience to the user’s unique needs. Piwik enables to monitor multiple sites simultaneously from a single screen, analyzes what users are searching for within the site and supports annotations within the platform for keeping track of important information.



W3 Counter is an alternative for Google Analytics is a free tracking solution which delights with a well-designed user friendly dashboard. With few clicks, the user can see the visitor stats and view a map representing the countries and locations that the visitors are coming from and explore their top entry to exit pages and more. The notable feature of W3 Counter is a click overlay that shows the user where the user is getting most the clicks directly from the representation of the user’s website. There are premium levels available in this website that remove the ads and restrictions and add some additional features that cannot keep up with the stronger premium analytics solutions.



Heap, being the alternative of Google Analytics offers the user able to define and track different events related to way in which the people come to know the uses of the user’s website and mobile apps. Heap is incredibly easy to set up and use for anyone in terms of user friendliness and stands opposite to Google Analytics. Heap is set up in a way that actively encourages the user to create tracking and reports that are actually useful for the useful and doesn’t overwhelm the user with endless stats and screens.  It also offers a non-technical setup that can get the user running in just about a minute and this platform offers a free 14-day trial and paid options for starting this website at $99 per month.


Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is an open source web analytics software that the user can use to track and analyze how people use the user’s websites and applications. It is licensed under GPL and provides website owners and developers with easy ways to add web analytics to their sites using simple Javascript, PHP and other web-based applications. This website comes with built-in support for tracking websites made with popular content management frameworks such as WordPress and MediaWiki.



Clicky is incredibly easy to navigate and the system doesn’t use any flash components and it’s easy to view from a mobile. Google Analytics apps limit the functionality that the user can’t get much more than the basics when the visitors are on the path. Clicky includes the features like real-time analytics, customizable tracking, Goal Tracking, Split Testing, Heat-maps, Uptime monitoring etc.



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