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Top 5 Best Free Google Docs Alternatives & REVIEWS

Google Docs are free web-based applications in which documents and spreadsheets can be created, edited, modified with various fonts & file formats combining text with formulae, lists, tables and are stored online. Files are accessed from any computer with an internet connection with a full-featured web browser. These are compatible with most presentation software and word processor applications. Google Docs lends itself to collaborative projects in which multiple authors can work together in real time from geographically diverse locations. Google Docs is a part of the comprehensive package of online applications that are offered and associated by/with Google. Google Docs is ideal for publishing within an enterprise, maintaining blogs or composing work for getting viewed by the general public. Now in this article, you can learn about Google Docs Alternatives.


Best Google Docs Alternatives

There are no superior service than Google Docs, but there are some other alternatives to provide some unique features. Here we provide the list of some Google Docs alternatives with unique features that helps the users decide what to use for online office needs.

1. Only Office

Only Office, being one of the great substitutes of Google Docs, offers all the average editing and collaborating tools of Google Docs that offer an interface similar to Office Online. The user can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and can add comments to the document or make a live chat on the document which helps the user to remain focused and prevents the user to change different apps while working on a document. The user can also connect with Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox and Own Cloud etc. The user can download, move, share and delete the documents making it very easy to interact with documents.


2. Quip

Quip is a free tool that offers robust collaboration features on all user’s devices. Its interface is very intuitive with collaboration on devices like smart-phones, tablets and PC. The users can make a live chat easily on all documents and discuss the documents. This feature is especially handy on smart-phones for making it simple to chat and interact with both document & the chat. The user can keep up the changes for the documents that the Google documents lacks with the help of news feed feature. The editing features may not help the user to create some complex documents and offers basic formatting & writing features which let the user to insert pictures & tables at max. The main reason that the user wants to try out Quip is that it has a vast power and ability to sync easily across all devices.


3. Hackpad

Hackpad was acquired by DropBox and is currently being backed by it. Hackpad offers all the basic tools for wiki creation and also offers some extra tools to spice things up. This lets the user only to create documents but not spreadsheets or presentations. The collaboration tools of Hackpad are just amazing, perfect and are advantageous to business. The editing tools of Hackpad are similar to that of Google Docs and are good enough for basic to average editing. Hackpad shows changes to documents with a time stamp so that the user may know when the documents get edited. Hackpad is far superior to Google Docs with its collaboration towards business and makes the collaboration very simple without any confusion and is completely free to use.


4. Office Online

Office Online provides all basic to average features of Google Docs. The only difference comes with advanced features and these both offer some unique advanced feature to each other. Office Online offers One Note with complete note-taking app. Microsoft Office Online comes with “Tell Me” feature that will let the user to ask the Office Online itself when the user get stuck and want to know how to do something. The user can find Office Online when he uses Microsoft Office and finds Google Docs when he uses Google Drive. Office Online is considered as one of the free alternatives for Google Docs as it offers almost same features and a bit advanced to that of Microsoft Office Suite.


5. Zoho

Zoho is actually a software company that creates softwares to cater the needs of businesses. Zoho Docs also offer the same ability to create documents, spreadsheets as well as presentations. These Docs offers features similar to that of Office Online and are still unique enough to ditch both Google and Office Online. Zoho Docs are available with both online & offline access and everything is edited on any of the platforms and are synced automatically. Zoho Docs creates a separate folder in the user’s PC and every document added will be synced with Zoho which includes documents from other sources as well.


Above all are the Best Google Docs Alternatives. If we missed any of the best Alternative for Google Docs, tell us about them in the comments!

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