Tired of Google Play? Check out these Google Play Alternatives

Google Play Store is found an ultimate stop or solution for any application i.e. either game or any other application file available on Android devices. It is the default application installed on Android and is considered as the safest option to download an application on the user’s Android device. Here are some alternatives which enables the user to download different types of apps that Google Play doesn’t offer. If you are looking for a good, secure and safe Google Play alternatives. Have a look at our best Google Play alternatives over here.

Google Play Alternatives

Best 10 Google Play Alternatives

Look down for the top 10 Google Play Alternatives that enables the user to download different types of apps in which Google Play doesn’t offer.

Amazon App Store

This is said to be one of the best alternatives which offers a wide range of games and apps for Android phones or devices. The app offers outstanding deals and offers and can be easily downloaded. Different Apps and games are available with number of categories which include education, entertainment, music, books & comics, health & fitness, communication, shopping and many more.

Website: www.amazon.com

Mobo Market

This app is popular among various Android apps and serves as one of the best alternatives of Google Play Store. The app is updated with advanced features and is considered as a sophisticated Android or iOS PC offering a broad spectrum of games, applications, music and apps etc. This app allows the user to create personalized accounts by providing username & password and it provides ease to log in and keep track of the apps that are previously downloaded. It is integrated with good backup algorithm and different types of games and apps are categorized in various sections.

Website: www.mobomarket.net


It is a free store app and is said to be the one of the best alternative having a free and open source software which makes it one of the best alternative to Google Play Store. The content is uploaded and is free from malicious content that is available on the site with no ads on it. It doesn’t track with someone and increases the battery life of the user’s device. It is easy to browse and install the apps and also to keep track of the updates.

Website: f-droid.org

Opera Mobile Store

Opera, the web browser offers an app market-place within its browser. The catalog of this app is endless and it faces huge traffic due to the install base of Opera browser on Android. The user can browse for many apps within Opera Mini browser and can get them downloaded or installed by the user’s choice.

Website: apps.opera.com

Apps Lib

Apps Lib serves as an exclusive library of Android games & apps with simple user interface and makes it download even for first-time visitors. The filters available in the interface helps in searching for desired apps from millions of options in an easy manner. The apps are categorized into various sections and can be easily downloaded or installed. Premium apps can be purchased by making payment through PayPal.

Website: appslib.com


It has a user – friendly interface which allows the user to search and download apps or games and other application files for free. It makes the user to search for a file easily with the filters like upload time, size etc. and it is mandated to make an account on 4Shared before downloading any type of file. It allows the user to share their favorite apps with their friends and download the app from Google Play Store.

Website: www.4shared.com

Get Jar

Get Jar is an oldest app store that has ever existed and have an official app which can be used through web interface. This site is organized and categorized and relies upon older or previous Android APIs. The process to download this app is quite straight-forward and is not compatible to latest Android standards.

Website: www.getjar.com

Apk Mirror

APK Mirror is for the people who love to get new updates of their favorite apps. There is no particular version for APK Mirror and one has to visit the website, search and download the applications. The offered applications might be free from malware in which the user finds the free apps on the store. The store’s UI makes easy to download apps and to see the latest updates and uploads. The user may get all the versions of an app on the store.

Website: www.apkmirror.com

Get Apk

Get Apk is one of the Google Play alternative having 25 categories to choose and it provides list of top 100 apps that are very popular. Everyday apps are added to make a list of apps that are even bigger. Generally, the user can find the apps on store but if the app that the user want is not listed on the store, the user can request to add the app to the website.

Website: getapkmarket.co

App Brain

Using this app, the user can monetize, promote and publicize an app to increase the visibility and enhance the growth of the app. It is a one-stop solution to get the premium apps for free and these apps are provided for free within a limited period on App Brain and it returns the favor of doing publicity. It is essential to sign up to download apps from App Brain. If not, there is need to install any app which redirects to Google Play.

Website: www.appbrain.com


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