GRE Model Papers with Answers PDF Download

Are you one those who are searching for the GRE Model papers? Your search will end here. In this page we are going to share the GRE Model Papers with Answers or Graduation Record Examination (GRE) previous year Question papers. Solving the old questions of the previous year examinations are helpful for the students.

GRE Model Papers

With the practice of the GRE Model papers, the students can come to know the type and tend of questions that are asked in the examinations and prepare it accordingly. There are many questions that gets repeated, if a student prepares well he/she can score well. These question papers also help the students to assess the speed and accuracy with which they attempt the questions. It helps them improve their memory and knowledge as well.

About GRE Test

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination. It is required to clear to get admission in the most of the US colleges and universities. The ETS (Educational Testing Services), United States of America, conducts the standardized examination GRE. The GRE test aims at measuring the ability of a candidate which is demanded by nearly all the institutes abroad after clearing the GRE test the candidates can get admission to various streams such as Graduate Studies, Fellowship Programs and Research Programs.

It is not necessary that having a high score if any candidate want to study in some Graduate School or University abroad. And the GRE test forms the first major step towards getting admission to any foreign university or Graduate School of one’s choice.

Graduation Record Examination (GRE) Details

The ETS, United States administers divides the test in two sets all over the globe. The two sets are GRE General Tests and GRE Subject Tests.

The GRE General Test is the first test and it is aimed to measure quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, critical thinking and verbal reasoning skills of the candidate. These skills do not belong to any particular field of study.

There are eight specific Test subjects in GRE sand it also test the undergraduate achievements. A candidate can attempt either one test or two tests mentioned above or for both. It depends on the university requirements and desired course.

Best GRE Study Materials and Books

GRE Model Papers with Answers PDF

The Educational Trust Service (ETS) which conducts the Graduate Record Examination and also provides the GRE Model Papers with Answers PDF for the candidates those who are preparing for the GRE test. The ETS provides the model papers of GRE test for GRE revised general test and GRE subject-wise test.

The GRE revised general test measures the GRE aspirant’s verbal, critical thinking, quantitative and analytical writing skills of the candidates. The candidate’s knowledge in different subjects is measured in the GRE subject-wise test. The different subjects such as Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Mathematics, Literature in English, Physics and Psychology.

Complete Guide to the Revised GRE

GRE Test Previous Year Question Papers-Download Here

GRE Sample Paper for GRE General Test

The GRE revised Sample papers consist of questions for the three sections. With the help of the GRE sample papers you can get best score the actual Graduation Record Examination.

GRE Quantitative Reasoning Sample Paper

The quantitative reasoning section is generally a weak point for many students, it is advisable to be well-versed with mathematical concepts.

GRE Verbal Reasoning Sample Paper

The GRE Verbal Reasoning questions include three types of questions. And this section measures a candidate’s ability to analyses and draw conclusions, understand and add value to incomplete data etc.

GRE Verbal Analytical Sample Paper

The Analytical Writing section measures the candidate’s ability to articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively.

This section consists of two separately timed analytical writing tasks:

  1. Analyze an Issue task
  2. Analyze an Argument task

For you we are providing some sample questions with answers OF GRE test below.

  1. As businesses become aware that their advertising must —— the everyday concerns of consumers, their commercials will be characterized by a greater degree of ——.
    (A) allay…pessimism
    (B) address…realism
    (C) evade….verisimilitude
    (D) engage… fancy
    (E) change…sincerity
  2. Because the lawyer’s methods were found to be ——, the disciplinary committee ——- his privileges.
    (A) Unimpeachable…suspended
    (B) ingenious…withdrew
    (C) questionable…expanded
    (D) unscrupulous…revoked
    (E) reprehensible…augmented
  3. People of intelligence and achievement can none- the less be so —— and lacking in —— that they gamble their reputations by breaking the law to further their own ends.
    (A) Devious…propensity
    (B) culpable…prosperity
    (C) obsequious…deference
    (D) truculent… independence
    (E) greedy… integrity
  4. A number of scientists have published articles——- global warming, stating ——- that there is no solid scientific evidence to support the theory that the Earth is warming because of increases in greenhouse gases.
    (A) Debunking…categorically
    (B) rejecting…paradoxically
    (C) deploring…optimistically
    (D) dismissing…hesitantly
    (E) proving…candidly

These GRE Model Papers Free Download Available For Candidates who are preparing for GRE Exam. Download your desired papers and please give your feedback.


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