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Are you preparing for IELTS 2019 exam and want to improve your skills for the exam preparation? If your answer is yes, then you are at right page. Here we providing the information about ILETS exam preparation, IELTS Material, prep strategies and how to prepare for ILETS exam etc.

IELTS Material

How to Prepare for IELTS Exam?

First you have to develop the English language skills and try to understand the format and rules of the IELTS examination. For you, we mention some steps that can help you in your IELTS exam and you can get the good results for achieving your targeted goals.

Step 1: Improve your English language Skills:

By learning the English language you can receive best suggestions from your teacher, and those suggestions will help you to improve preparation skills for the examination. If you want to develop your English, then speak with your friends and family in English language. Read English publications regularly. Write letters, emails or notes in English to practice your written skills. The English language played a key role in your ILETS test preparation.

Step 2: Understand the test format and rules:  

There are two versions of ILETS- ILETS Academic and ILETS General Training. The listening and speaking components are the same for the both tests but the reading and writing components are different. First you have to know the information of candidate’s booklet which provide the required information about how to respond correctly to each part of the test. Get to know the each level on the IELTS band score table means. Understand what the examiners are looking for in the writing and speaking test.

Step 3: Practice sample questions:

There is a wide range of IELTS materials are available for you from a variety of publishers. Practice the type of tasks included in an IELTS test. Become more confident in your test-taking skills.

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IELTS Study Strategies

  • Listening Tips:

When you have to answer the multiple choice questions remember the information will may be expressed in different types of ways in the recording. You have to listen for the ideas, not particular words and phrases.

  • Speaking Tips:

The Speaking exam of ILETS test will be judged on your use of vocabulary. You have to know the proper use of vocabulary while you are speaking. And you have to know the number of words and phrases. Don’t use slang in the exam, it might be inappropriate.

  • Writing Tips:

Make good use of modal verbs to frame your ideas in written format. Analyze each task properly. Highlight the key words in the tasks to focus them mainly. Keep to the topic and don’t write about unrelated subjects in the exam. You must write the answers fully. Be alert in the matter of spelling and grammar. And avoid informal language.

  • Reading Tips:

Skimming and scanning are important exam skills. Skimming is the fastest way of finding the text, once you know the general subject, you can read detailed and easily. Scanning is the one of the effective way of locating the information you need to answer the exam questions.

IELTS Material Download Pdf

Here you can download the study material pdf of IELTS exam.

IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test with Answers Free Download PDF

IELTS Exam Study Material Free PDF Download


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