Top 10 iMovie Alternatives for Mac/Windows PC/iPad/Smartphones

iMovie is a video editing software application developed by Apple Inc. on 5th October 1996 and was sold for the Mac & iOS and later it was bundled with the first FireWire and enabled consumer Mac model and now MacOS application has included iLife suite of Mac applications free with all new Mac Computers. iMovie imports video footage to Mac using either FireWire interface on most MiniDV format digital video cameras or computer’s USB port. It also imports video and photo files from hard drive and from there, the user can edit photos & video clips, add titles, themes, music, and effects including basic color correction and video enhancement tools & transitions such as fades & slides. Now let’s look for some of the iMovie alternatives for various video editing tools like Mac/Windows PC/iPhone/iPad/Smartphones.

iMovie Alternatives

10 Best iMovie Alternatives

1. Kine Master

This is the most preferred iMovie for androids that allows the user to customize the music from others device, capture content from a video file; add titles, tags & descriptions before the user shares to his/her friends. The user can achieve the slow or fast motion effects and add color & filters to the video.

2. Shotcut

Shotcut offers all basic featured video edition along with advanced features and the user may be sure to use a stable and bold application that the user can perform video editing extraordinary range. It is an open source software that offers a great support for formats, Codecs and frequent releases. It has developed a large community of users and developers and they make it the most reliable and free solutions that the user can get for video editing.

3. Filmora

This video editing software available for Windows & Mac. It’s easier than Windows 10 Movie Maker but more powerful and guides the user through movie making step by step. In every step, the user gets enough video editing options to enhance the video instantly. It includes hundreds of filter effects and the user can choose the effect, its preview and apply to the video. This alternative may sometimes crashes the system and is said to be the main drawback of this software.

4. VideoFX Live

VideoFX Live can handle all types of videos including Vlogs, stop-motion videos, birthday videos & BFF tags that aims at creating the funniest videos. It is said as one of the easiest & funniest ways for the user to edit and create movies. The user can directly upload their edited videos/finished movies to Facebook or You Tube.

5. Reel Director

It is one of the iMovie alternative app available for iPad which is considered as a powerful tool that gives the user great results. It doesn’t matter if the user want to add some text to user’s video or go by splitting into three by adding different transitions for each piece or whatever the user want to do can do easily and do the best of it. The user can always get their video resulting in HD.

6. Andro Vid Video Editor

This application is available on Androids with terrific looks. At the main screen, the user can find some self-explanatory icons which helps the user to get started and the user can quickly choose the video from their video library and can start editing. The user can trim, rotate, add text, effects and music or song to the video. These are the few things that the user can do the best to the video and it is clear that the user do not even need to read about what the user is doing because the user can easily undo the changes to the video that are applied if the user don’t want to apply.

7. Viva Video

Viva Video is a preferred option for iMovie for Android. Using this easily create a video photo story and it is the most powerful video editor and professional editing tool that gives the user a smoother experience. The drag & drop feature allows the photos to be converted to slideshows with ease. With this free video editor, the user can cut and paste videos, add different types of transitions like cuts, fades etc. and it is a comprehensive alternative iMovie for Android.

8. VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad video editor tool is a software that the user can use across all iOS devices. VideoPad editor offers the users all the features that the user need to edit their videos and the best part of VideoPad Video Editor is that it has versions for Mac & PC along with that it has versions for all major tablets like Android tablets, iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire.

9. Splice

It allows the user to edit the video clips and photos by drop & drag feature. The user can find a variety of editing functions like sound effects, music tracks and borders with which the user can enhance their videos. It can add music from iTunes or other music sources for editing and affix visual effects like slow motion and fast forward. The user can edit and enhance to create professional movies.

10. We Video

This cloud based alternative iMovie alternative for Android let the user to create a video file anywhere the user want. The user can arrange clips, adjust track volume and stylize with built-in music, filters, transitions and titles. This application is light in space and doesn’t consume the system space unnecessarily.


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