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Jobs in US: These Are The 10 Best States In America To Get A Jobs, Employment

If you are searching for jobs in US and want to know the details of job search in US, then this post helps you. Here in this article, we are providing info on the job hunt in United States for international students and golden rules of job hunting.


Jobs in US

There are many international students in United States pursuing their higher studies in US. It is difficult for international students to get a job in US when compared to students in US. It is difficult for international students because employers may be unaware about cultural differences and visa requirements. It is the international students duty to submit this information to employers. The US job market is different from that of your home country. The employers in US are uncertain to hire international students. There are many difficulties for international students to get a job in USA. Some of them are fear of new hires leaving after six months or a year, students might have poor English skills, complexities and misunderstandings concerning visas and hiring international students is costly and time-consuming.

As job hunting for international students in US difficult when compared to others. There are some tips which might help you to gain a job in US for international students. The tips are start early- so that there is a chance to get a job, research your situation-know the rules and regulations of your situation, take advantage of your school’s resources-many of your school offers career services, network-talk to alumni groups who have gone through the same process and stay positive and be persistent.

Golden Rules of Job Hunting

There are some golden rules you should always follow:

Top 10 Best States for Jobs

Following states have the lowest unemployment rates and highest job market growth and labor force participation.

State Job Market Rank
Colorado 1
Massachusetts 2
Oregon 3
Minnesota 4
Maryland 5
New Hampshire 6
Hawaii 7
Wisconsin 8
Utah 9
South Dakota 10
Washington 11
California 12
Michigan 13
Maine 14
Indiana 15
Iowa 16
Georgia 17
Virginia 18
New Jersey 19
Arizona 20
Nebraska 21
Missouri 22
Tennessee 23
Arkansas 24
Vermont 25
Pennsylvania 26
Delaware 27
Idaho 28
Florida 29
Ohio 30

List of Best Rating Jobs in US

Best Paying Jobs

Best STEM Jobs in US

Best Health Care Jobs

Best Technology Jobs

Best Business Jobs

Best Social Services Jobs in US

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