June 15th | What Happened Today in History | Historical Events on This Day

In this article, we are providing Worldwide June 15th Events and June 15th Famous Birthdays of Important Personalities. You can also get information about Historical facts of the day June 15th  in the areas like military, Politics, Science, Music, Sports, Arts, Entertainment, Births and Deaths and more information in our article. Many people want to know What is special about today. The Interesting Historical Facts that occurred around the world are mentioned. You can also find Today in History on June 15 in this article. This day in History important events are mentioned in below table.

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June 15th in history
June 15th in history

What Happened Today in History on June 15

June 15 | This Day In History

1215King John of England put his seal on the Magna Carta.
1381The English peasant revolt was crushed in London.
1389Ottoman Turks crushed Serbia in the Battle of Kosovo.
1607Colonists in North America completed James Fort in Jamestown, VA.
1775George Washington as head of the Continental Army is appointed by The Second Continental Congress.
1836Arkansas became the 25th U.S. state.
1844 For the process that strengthens rubber, Charles Goodyear was granted a patent.
1846A boundary dispute concerning the boundary between the U.S. and Canada, by signing a treaty is settled by The United States and Britain.
1864Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton signed An order to establish a military burial ground
1866Prussia attacked Austria.
1877Henry O. Flipper became the first African American to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.
1898The U.S. House of Representatives approved the annexation of Hawaii.
1911The Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. was incorporated in the state of New York.
1917Great Britain pledged the release of all the Irish captured during the Easter Rebellion of 1916.
1919Captain John Alcock and Lt. Arthur W. Brown won $50,000 for successfully completing the first, nonstop transAtlantic plane flight.
1909Benjamin Shibe patented the cork center baseball.
1940Germans captured The French fortress of Verdun.
1944American forces successful invasion of Saipan during World War II was began.
1947A British plan for the partition of India is accepted by The All-Indian Congress.
1948The Autobahn would be closed indefinitely “for repairs.” is announced by Soviet authorities.
1958Because of the Cypress issue, Greece severed military ties to Turkey.
1964The last French troops left Algeria.
197826-year-old American Lisa Halaby, who became Queen Noor was married to King Hussein of Jordan.
1981To provide Pakistan with $3 billion in military and economic aid from October 1982 to October 1987 is agreed by The U.S.
1982In the capital city of Stanley,as Argentine troops surrendered to the British  the Falklands war ended .
1986The chief engineer of the Chernobyl nuclear plant was dismissed for mishandling the incident at the plant, was reported by Pravda, the Communist Party newspaper.
1992U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the government could kidnap criminal suspects from foreign countries for prosecution
1994Israel and the Vatican established full diplomatic relations.
1999During an exchange in the disputed Yellow Sea, South Korean naval forces sank a North Korean torpedo boat

Famous Birthdays on June 15th

Now Let us move on to another Important topic, Today Famous Birthdays. The famous people who celebrate their Birthday on 15th June  are listed in below table. The following table includes the celebrities like Actors, Actresses, Models, Authors, Singers, Athletes, Musicians, Rappers and Producers who born on June 15th in Chronological order. Read our article to know about Today Birthday celebrities in the World. Learn about famous people/celebrity birthdays today in our Article 15th June Famous Birthdays which are listed in below table. Find out which celebrity is blowing the birthday candles along with you on June 15.

Today Famous Birthdays

1330Edward the Black – Prince of Wales
1902Erik H. Erikson – Psychologist and psychoanalyst
1910David Rose -American Entrepreneur
1921Erroll Garner -American jazz pianist
1932Mario Cuomo -Former Governor of New York
1937Waylon Jennings -American singer-songwriter
1941Harry Nilsson -American singer-songwriter
1946Janet Lennon – Singer (The Lennon Sisters)
1949Jim Varney -American Actor
1949Simon Callow -Actor
1949Russell Hitchcock – Musician (Air Supply)
1951Steve Walsh – Musician (Kansas)
1954Terri Gibbs-American musical artist
1954Jim Belushi -Actor
1955Julie Hagerty -American Actress
1957Brett Butler – Baseball player
1958Wade Boggs -American baseball player
1963Helen Hunt -American actress
1963Scott Rockenfield – Musician (Queensryche)
1964Courteney Cox – Actress (“Friends”)
1966Michael Britt – Musician (Lonestar)
1968Jimmy McD
1969Ice Cube – Rapper
1970Leah Remini -American actress
1972T-Bone Willy – Musician (Save Ferris)
1973Neil Patrick Harris -American actor
1975Elizabeth Reaser – Actress (“The Family Stone”, “Twilight”) – Twilight Merchandise
1981Billy Martin – Musician (Good Charlotte)


What happened  in India Today in History on June 15

Now we are providing the information of What happened in India Today in History on June 15. Many events are occurred on this day in History. The Historical facts that are important and occurred in India on June 15th are listed below. The famous Historic events, famous peoples births, and deaths that are occurred in India on June 15th are listed in below table. The list of Today in History on June 15 in the below table are listed in Chronological Order.

Today In History on June 15

1607Colonists in North America completed James Fort in Jamestown.
1947The All-Indian Congress accepted a British plan for the partition of India. Britain partitioned the subcontinent and Pakistan was founded as an independent country.
1991India concluded its violence-racked elections, with the Congress Party of recently assassinated former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi gaining a plurality of votes.
2005 India passed its Rights for Information Act.
2009Amazon Indians to ask Congress to revoke decrees that native groups say would make it easier to exploit their lands for oil, gas and other development is promised by Peru’s government.
2014 The first visit abroad of Indian PM Narendra Modi began since taking office, arriving in Bhutan to launch a drive to reassert Indian influence in the region.
2014In India an angry mob of workers wielding iron rods and stones beat the CEO of a
West Bengal jute factory to death in a dispute over increasing their working hours.



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