Top 10 Best LinkedIn Alternatives You Should Find Out (2018)

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking service operated via websites and mobile apps. It mainly used for professional networking that includes employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs. LinkedIn allows members i.e. both workers and employers to create profiles and connections to each other in an online social network which represent a real-world professional relationship. LinkedIn had 500 million members in 200 countries and is mainly used for professional networking including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs. Listed below are some of the Best LinkedIn Alternatives that are useful on behalf of LinkedIn.

Linkedin Alternatives

Best 10 LinkedIn Alternatives

Here are some of the best LinkedIn Alternatives that the jobseekers can follow on behalf of LinkedIn.


It is a website that proudly call itself as “The Career Network” has connected more than 45 million professionals with a wide range of companies involved in technology, health-care, business and marketing industries. It’s has a wide network over 500 organized talent communities, job searchers that can locate open positions by industry and location to help the narrow down by search. There is also informative content like industries with highest paying salaries, info-graphics from more than 1400 sources.



Meetup lets the people to arrange meetings with the like-minded people, both offline and online at the local coffee café and online on a discussion board. By this, the people can intimately interact with people from any part of the globe and yak away with endlessly on topics that are really passionate about.



It is basically a social network for young professionals around the globe. It is growing on a daily basis and is a bit too formal and perfect place for the people to expand their professional network with fun. Net Party is currently having 2, 00, 000 members and have branches throughout North America & Europe and basically setup with high-end parties for their members so that the young professionals can meet each other in a more relaxed setting. One can simply join the website by signing up at the website and sort information that the professionals can expect to see a list of events, tickets and help about transportation and many more.



It was launched earlier by Think Up’s founders – Life Hacker and Gina Trapani and entrepreneur Anil Dash. It’s free to join by using a Twitter account, however anyone can view the content on the site.  This is essentially a network of creative who can use Markerbase to list all of the projects that they’ve previously worked on and not by the overlooked by the company that they work for. Markerbase is editable which means that the young professionals can add names and descriptions of any makers who are assisted with the project.


It is a highly resourceful tool for employers and headhunters that allow to browse tons of resumes to get in touch with the job seekers who fit for the perfect job profile. One important thing is that many first timers on indeed is to find the spartan layout of the home page that minimizes UI and seems to be doing pretty well for the website as it is currently within the top 200 famous sites in the world.



Jobcase has been powering more than 100 job sites since 2009 and it didn’t enter the social media networking scene until 2015 as a way to ask questions or join groups relevant to the industry. The site allows the job aspirants to create a comprehensive profile that describes not only education and experience, but also a preferred salary, work conditions and personal traits etc. Jobcase has information from over 100 job – listing websites like Indeed and Career Builder that have more access to employers and connections in which the jobseekers would do in LinkedIn. Job case employs MIT data scientists in which the jobseekers can assist with discovering the information that would be the most relevant to them.



Zerply is a very new kind of social network for the Entertainment Industry that was started by two friends in south of Stockholm. It is a multinational team which is operated from different countries and is connected with the entertainment production companies to top quality creative talents and the tools that assess the talent of the candidates in few minutes. Designers, animators, illustrators and other creative talents can build a comprehensive portfolio to show their work and look for more opportunities with ease.



Plaxo works to make the life of the users easy and stress-free. It is cloud-based and works automatically updating the address books and contacts list. Plaxo provides the facility to update, sync and merge to the user’s address book. It additionally reminds the user about the important events and occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and many more and lets the users to enjoy the life with full unencumbered by the need for the constant recall of important info.



Freelancer is place for the job seekers who would like to work on contract basis. This website is one of the oldest surviving online platforms that brings together independent professionals and employers who hire for freelancers on a contract. The unique thing about Freelancer is that it allows it members to bid competitively for each job that are restricted for free subscriptions and also for paid ones. This site allows the users to host and enter contests for which prize money is offered as a reward.


Locals Networking

Locals Networking provides a platform for members to build their own referral network in the community and also select the local businesses or individuals that they need to connect with the particular network to connect with a schedule, meeting and just communicate with other community. The users can even create or join groups that are either location or industry based.



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