May 28th | What Happened Today in History? | Historical Events on This Day

In this article, we are providing Worldwide May 28 Events and May 28 Famous Birthdays of Important Personalities. You can also get information about Historical facts of the day May 28 in the areas like military, Politics, Science, Music, Sports, Arts, Entertainment, Births and Deaths and more information in this article. Many people want to know What is special about today. You can also find Today in Indian History in this article. This day in History is mentioned in below table.

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May 28th in history
May 28th in history

What Happened In History Today

This Day In History

585 BC

585 BC:The Persian-Lydian battle ended.

585 BC:Thales Miletus predicted the occurrence of a solar Eclipse.


Severinus occupied the Throne as Catholic Pope (elected in 638)


The marriage of King Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn is declared as valid by England’s Archbishop.


1st Baptist Church is established in Boston.


In Milan, Italy Napoleon was crowned.


Native Indian to be removed from all states to the western prairie is organised by US Congress.


To fight in the U.S. Civil War, the first black regiment left Boston.


A flanking attack on the Austrian army in Northern France is launched by the French army.


Troops from Versailles suppressed The Paris commune.


In South Africa, Britain annexes the Orange Free State.


Belgium surrenders to Germany, King Leopold III gives himself up

Narvik, Norway captured by British-French troops.


In the Paramount Theatre in Hollywood, The Walt Disney film “Melody” premiered. The picture was the first 3D cartoon.


A Human rights organisation was founded.Which was named as Amnesty International.


The Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Treaty was signed, limiting any nuclear explosion, regardless of its purpose – to a yield of 150 kilotons.


165 people were killed in Fire raced through the Beverly Hills Supper Club in Southgate, KY.


1985 – In Beirut, David Jacobsen, director of the American University Hospital Lebanon, was abducted by pro-Iranian kidnappers. He was freed 17 months later.


In Moscow’s Red Square, a 19-year-old West German pilot, Mathias Rust landed a private plane after evading Soviet air defenses. He was released on August 3, 1988.


In the Russian town Neftegorsk, an earthquake killed at least 2000 people. It had a magnitude of 7.5.


U.S. President Clinton’s former business partners in the Whitewater land deal were convicted of fraud.


1988: Pakistan matched India with five nuclear test blasts. The U.S., Japan and other nations imposed economic sanctions. Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan Prime Minister said “Today, we have settled the score with India.”

1988: A planet outside of our solar system with the use of photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope was discovered by Dr. Susan Terebey.


On display after more than 20 years of restoration work, In Milan, Italy, Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” was put back.


With the creation of the NATO-Russia Council, Russia became a limited partner in NATO


The Observatory at One World Trade Center officially opened.

May 28 Famous Birthdays

Today Famous Birthdays on May 28th are listed in below table. The following table includes birthdays of celebrities like Actors, Actresses, Models, Authors, Singers, Athletes, Musicians, Rappers, and Producers in Chronological order. Read below information to know about Today famous celebrities in the World.

Today Famous Birthdays

1354Owain Glyndwr – Welsh ruler, Prince of Wales
1660George I – King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1714-1727
1738Dr. Joseph Ignace Guillotin – Physician, he did not invent the guillotine even though he did propose the use of a mechanical device to carry out death sentences in France
1779Thomas Moore – Lawyer, social philosopher, author
1883Vinayak Damodar Savarkar-Writer
1888Olympic athlete, Jim Thorpe -baseball and basketball player.
1900Taffy Abel (Clarence John “Taffy” Abel) – Hockey player.
1908Ian Fleming – Author, journalist, created character of James Bond
1910T-Bone Walker – Musician, singer
1925Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau – Singer, Conductor.
1926Marvin Panch – NASCAR driver.
1929Jeannie Carson – Actress (“Andy Griffith Show”)
1931Sonny Burgess (Albert Austin “Sonny” Burgess) – Singer
1931Carroll Baker – Actress
1933John Karlen (John Adam Karlewicz) – Actor
1938Jerry West (Jerry Alan West) – Basketball player
1941Beth Howland – Actress (“Alice”)
1943Tony Mansfield – Songwriter, musician
1944Billy Vera – Singer, actor, writer
1944Sondra Locke – Actress
1944Gladys Knight – Singer
1944Rudolph Giuliani – Mayor of New York City
1945Gary Stewart – Country musician, songwriter

John Fogerty – Musician (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

1946Ted Snell – Hockey player
1946Madeleine LeRoux – Actress
1948Larry Gatlin – Musician (Gatlin Brothers)
1952Roland Gift- Musician (Fine Young Cannibals)
1953Arto Lindsay – Musician, singer
1955Mark Howe – Hockey player
1955John McGeoch – Musician
1955Eddie Johnson (Edward “Eddie” Johnson) – Soccer player
1956Susie Diane Owens – Model, actress
1956Jerry Douglas – Country musician (Union Station)
1959Steve Strange (Steven John Harrington) – Singer (Visage)
1962Brandon Cruz – Actor (“The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”)
1968Chubb Rock ( Richard Simpson) – Rapper
1968Kylie Minogue – Musician (Locomotion)
1969Justin Kirk – Actor (“Weeds”)
1970Morgan Fox – Model, actress
1971Marco Rubio – Politician
19*77Elisabeth Hasselbeck – Television host (“The View,” “Fox & Friends”)
1978Jake Johnson – Actor (“New Girl”)
1985Carey Mulligan – Actress
1986Joseph Cross Actor

What happened in India Today

After listing out the Today Famous Birthdays, now we are providing the information of What happened in India Today.Many events are occured on this day in History.The famous Historic events, famous peoples births and deaths that are occured in India are listed in below table. The list of Today In indian History in the below table are listed in Chronological Order.

Today in Indian History


Khidr Khan Syed, Governor of Lahore, replaced Daulat Khan Lodi on Delhi’s throne


Vinayak Damodar Savarkar “Veer Savarkar”, great freedom fighter, social reformer, politician and writer, was born at Bhagur village near Nasik.


Bagal Bhai Madhavrao Khanderao, freedom fighter, author and painter, was born.


Shantanu L. Kirloskar, great industrialist, was born at Solapur (Maharashtra).


Purohit Dingambar Vinayak (Nanasaheb), leader in Maharashtra, was born.


Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, film star, former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and founder of Telugu Desam Party, was born. He has acted in many films including ‘Patal Bhairavi’.


Awadh Kishore Narain, educationist, was born.


Bhagwati Charan Vohra, great revolutionary freedom fighter, died near the banks of Ravi river during a bomb testing


Bhagwati Charan, great revolutionary, passed away.


Estimated 22,000 die in another cyclone in Bay of Bengal (India).


A slow-moving funeral cortege containing the body of Jawaharlal Nehru inched through the streets of New Delhi today. A million and a half Indians lined the route to pay final respects to their beloved leader


Fire and explosion at Dhori mine in Dhanbad, India kills 400.


B. S. Chawla was appointed as the Narcotics Commissioner of India. He headed this office till 21-02-1973.


All India Trade Union Congress was divided.


Edward VIII, King of Great Britain/N Ireland/emperor (India 1936), passed away at the age of 77.


The kiss comes to the Hindi screen in ‘Love Sublime,’ and is seen as a sign of what the govt. calls greater ‘creative freedom,’ after Indira Gandhi’s authoritarian rule at Bombay.


The first Cultural Exchange Programme was signed between India and China.


Kerala diocese of Maratha Kavali was the first Christian priest in India


Indo-US naval exercises begin.


13-day-old BJP-led minority coalition govt. headed by A.B. Vajpayee quits at the end of a two-day debate on a motion of confidence.


Former Union Ministers Arjun Singh, N.D. Tiwari, R.K. Dhawan and Madhavrao Scindia discharged in the Jain hawala case by special judge V.B. Gupta.


India takes retaliatory measures against Australia for its unilateral action.


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