New Facebook Feature “Latest Conversations” which will allow you to view strangers post

Hi Friends. In this article we are going to discuss about Facebook new feature “Latest Conversations”. Facebook which is known for connecting people globally is offering a new feature to improve its user’s experience. Tech Crunch spotted this new feature which was called as “Latest Conversations” This feature is introduced by keeping in mind about Echo Chamber Phenomena. In this phenomena like-minded people would make conversations among themselves regarding certain sensitive topics which leads to confirmation bias. Facebook is well aware of these echo chambers so that it is introducing a new feature “Latest Conversations” to its users which could help nullify some of the problems that appear from echo chamber.

Facebook adds new Latest Conversations feature

The new “Latest Conversations” feature will display public user generated posts from users out your personal network. This new tab will be located below the Photos and News sections on the Facebook Home page.

“The new feature is more than just one of the many A/B tests that crop up from time to time on the network” is confirmed by a Facebook spokesperson.

This new Facebook feature is different from what was available in this app previously. In this new feature, however appears as its own section within the search results and includes a running and live-updating counter which shows how many people are talking about the topic right now. This counter will give users an idea about how widely people are discussing the topic on the Facebook Network. The discussion will be done among the Facebook users among the world. The conversations are made in different languages. For understanding about the unknown language conversations there will be a “Translate” button.

Users have to go back to the main search results to see new posts, where the unit appears, then tap again on the “See All” link to refresh the screen with the latest posts. The post counter at the top of the page is continually updated. This App is currently seen in Facebook mobile App but not on the Web.

“Topics to Follow” is the another new feature which is going to introduced by Facebook is confirmed by Social Network.. This “Topics to Follow” is related to News Feed. To know about more updates follow our website.


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