New York Lottery Result – Latest Winning Numbers & Past Draw Results

New York Lottery Results: Here is the latest winning numbers and jackpot information for New York Lotto, Mega Millions, Powerball, Cash4Life, Take 5, NUMBERS Midday, WIN 4 Midday, WIN 4 Evening, NUMBERS Evening and Pick 10 lottery games in New York (NY).

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New York Lottery numbers for Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tuesday’s Winning Numbers

Midday Numbers

9-2-0, Lucky Sum: 11

Evening Numbers

6-2-4, Lucky Sum: 12

WIN4 Midday

0-8-5-3, Lucky Sum: 16

WIN4 Evening 

5-1-0-2, Lucky Sum: 8

Pick 10





Take 5:


New York Lotto

15 22 23 50 51 57, Bonus: 14


2-9-23-47-54, Cash Ball: 3


10-33-45-53-56, Powerball: 24, Power Play: 3

Mega Millions:

7-25-43-56-59, Megaball: 13, Megaplier: 3

About New York Lottery

This is a government run lottery and authorized by referendum approved by voters in the New York state. Ney York Lottery began in the year 1966 and successfully running by making some people millionaires. Today these Lotteries, casinos, and betting games are under the control of NYS Gaming Commission. Most of the revenue generated from the lottery tickets sale are used to educational programs and incentives. Overall, New York lottery was able to raise $51 billion dollars educational programs since the organization was launched.

New York LotteryYou need to buy lottery tickets to participate. But sometimes you can get calls saying “You won the Lottery”. Don’t fall into those traps. The chances are high that they are trying to fool you by cashing your Lust on the money.

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How to Buy the Tickets

You can buy tickets in person from authorizes retailers throughout the New York state. If you want to buy tickets online or participating from outside of the state then visit an Online Concierge Service for more information.

What Games are there in New York Lottery?

Along with Powerball and Mega Millions Lottery (Interstate). The New York Lottery offers a wide range of games. So choose a game you like most. Some of the games are listed below.

  • New York Lotto
  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • Cash4Life
  • Take 5
  • Pick 10
  • Win 4
  • New York Numbers

New York Lotto

Player has to pick any six numbers between 1 to 59 numbers. You can participate in this game with an initial cost of 1$. Then you will get two games with that 1$. If you want to play 10-play card, purchase with $5. The Lottery Draw date and selected numbers can be verified by checking the information on the tickets.

Lottery Draw takes place on Wednesday and Saturday at 11:21 PM EST.

59 numbered balls are used to select six numbers and an additional bonus randomly. This bonus number is only used for the second prize level, which is roll over just like a jackpot.


The value of the prize is based on the number of ticket sold, number of winning tickets. On each Draw 40% of the sales is put aside for prize money.

Prize LevelPrize Fund Percentage
First Prize75%
Second Prize7.25%
Third Prize5.5%
Fourth Prize6.25%
Fifth Prize6%


If you want to win up to 1000$, Then Cash4Life can offer that chance, this is a new lottery game launched on Friday 13th, 2014. This lottery game is offered by New York, New Jersey and Virginia State Lotteries.

Cost of each ticket is 2$ and at the time of buying a player can choose play between 1 and five games. In this game, players pick 5 numbers between 1 to 60 as well as a cash ball from 1 to 4.

Cash4Life Draw takes place on Monday and Thursday at 09:00 PM EST.

Prize LevelWinning Numbers MatchPrize Amount
First Prize5 + Cash Ball$1,000
Second Prize5$1,000
Third Prize4 + Cash Ball$2,500
Fourth Prize4$500
Fifth Prize3 + Cash Ball$100
Sixth Prize3$25
Seventh Prize2 + Cash Ball$10
Eighth Prize2$4
Ninth Prize1 + Cash Ball$2


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