Top 10 Nox App Player Alternatives for Windows

Nox Player is very popular emulator for PC and it has been crafted specifically for gamers and has amazing features. The UI of the emulator is little different from others and the users might get the hand of it when the users start using it. Nox Player is dependent on Android 4.4 Kitkat which includes class- leading functionally and innovative features. It ticks a whole of boxes in regards to its features and therefore it is likely that it might find some interface. This emulator comes with options to simulate touch or gestures and an option to record the screen that it can be shared or played later. Now let’s look at for Top 10 Nox App Player Alternatives for Windows.

Nox App Player Alternatives

Best Nox App Player Alternatives

Popular Alternatives to Nox App Player for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android available here.


Shashlik is said to be a multifunctional & multipurpose Android emulator designed for Android developers and the people who want to get an instant access to Android apps and games on the desktop PC. This simple to use emulator really gives the user the good startup much more and robust access to the most of the Android based games and applications. It is a Linux based tool and offer Open GL and graphics system and all these render on the host ensuring fast performance & great delivery on time.


Windroy is a combination of multiple Android emulators that works like Android in the Windows devices that allows users to enjoy experiencing all kinds of Android Apps & games and it aims to offer the people an easy and simple way of running all kinds of Android apps on the Windows platform just like software of the Windows. Moreover, it doesn’t have an independent store for Android apps and games at all.

ARC Welder

ARC Welder allows running of Android apps on the windows based system which is basically one of its functions. It is basically a simple tool designed for the app developers and also general users which requires the Google Chrome browser offering its extension. It allows the users to run all their favorite Android applications on Chrome operating systems for free however, it doesn’t have a directory of apps at all to download or to run.

Andy OS

Andy OS gives the users the complete access to Google’s operating system. The user can download and install apps and games through Google Play and run different applications through Andy OS. Andy OS is great for mobile gaming and it lets the user to use their phone or tablet as a remote control for the desktop emulator. Andy OS runs through Virtual Box virtual machine which comes bundled with the installer. It is great for power users because it can be customized in a number of ways.


Rune Scape is officially the world’s largest free-to-play role playing game and a fact recognized by Guiness Book of Records. It is a game of immense popularity. As a browser based game, it is freely accessible from most PC systems. It has been highly evolving as a game world since its inception in 2001 and has been running incredibly as a popular game for many years as a testament to its quality and true longevity.


Mythos is a free Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game which is opened to a different world of playing games. It is set on planed Uld which flickers in and out of the influence of gods and that results in dark ages with the planet torn apart by the battle between the forces of good & evil. For hardcore gamers, this will sound very familiar and Mythos certainly looks very recognizable to anyone who has seen World of Warcraft.


It is free to play and lovers of Celtic mythology will appreciate the storyline and graphics in Vindictus. This 3D fantasy action game lets the users to fight their way through different stages of game-play with up to four players as members of party. Graphics in Vindictus are very impressive and the background imagery is really quite. It’s hard to enjoy the setting though Vindictus is action-packed and chances might be busy fending off all manner of enemy attacks.


Bluestacks App is an emulator which sits on the user’s computer and emulates the Android system allowing the user to enjoy all the apps and games from the user’s smartphone or tablet on a widescreen desktop/notebook monitor. The seamless transition through Blue Stacks App Player provides extra detail and clarity when playing favorite Android games on full sized monitor. The experience might be smooth without any bugs or lag.


The Android emulator enables the Android users to emulate Android working environment on their Windows operating systems to run and kind of apps & games. It is available for free and doesn’t involve too many complexities at all. Droid 4X is an excellent means for enjoying favorite games on Android and is capable of emulating any kind of Android environment with very little effort. The installation process of this tool is very simple & easy and it acts as a perfect means for getting a virtual environment that is capable of running Android systems.

Andy Android Emulator

Andy Android Emulator is a simply user friendly Android emulator that offers an easy to use means of downloading and installing Android supported apps & games on Windows or Mac operating devices and enjoying them on Android smartphones or tablets. The main advantage of Andy Android Emulator is that it provide seamless synchronization between mobile and desktop devices. It allows users to connect their Windows or Mac systems with Android apps for launching storage. This app player allows the smartphone users to download any type of desktop web browser directly to Andy Android Emulator and also offers the user updated Android operating system all time and always bring all favorite entertainment and communication mobile applications to desktop.


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