Top Ten Disliked Human Characters in the Pokémon Anime

If you watch Pokémon Anime, you’re probably aware of the fact that each anime has its own set of liked and hated characters. The choices may differ from person to person, but there are some that you just cannot get yourself to like. Today, here we are sharing list about Top Ten Disliked Human Characters in the Pokémon Anime. It just My Opinion only.

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Top 10 Hated Pokemon Anime Characters

This list describes the most unpopular Pokemon Anime Characters. I totally hate all of these.

Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum is one of the main characters in Pokemon anime series. Ash Ketchum known as Satoshi. This is a fictional character in the Pokemon franchise owned by Nintendo. He is the main protagonist in the anime, game and manga series. The aim of the Ash is to become pokemon master. He appeared in all the series of Pokemon. Ash says an English motto “Gotta Catch ‘Em All’”. Ash is one of the most popular, success and well-known recognizable animated characters of all-time.


Brock is another character in Pokemon. He is the male character in the Pokemon anime series. The full name of this character is Brock Harrison. Brock is also known as Brock Peters. Brock is the chief of Plumbeopoli in the pokemon world. In the pokemon animated series, Brock leaves his gym to follow Ash. In both manga and anime Brock appears with his eyes closed. This feature is because of hereditary, Brock’s father and his nine brothers and sisters are always having their eyes closed.


Misty is another character in the Pokemon. Misty is the female character. She is the gym leader of Cerulean. Misty is present in video games, Pokemon souls and manga. Misty is an aspiring water Pokemon master. She is the former traveler partner of Ash. Misty is a stubborn tomboy. She is the youngest of the four sisters who live in Cerulean gym. She left the gym to become world’s greatest Pokemon trainer. She met with Ash when she caught him with her fishing line in a river between Pallet town and viridian city.


Serena is another anime character in Pokemon. Serena is a female character. She is an imaginary character in the imaginary world of Pokemon. In the pokemon anime she accompanies with Ash on his journey through the Kalos region. The character also appeared in pokemon video game. Serena in the anime series participated as a child at a Pokemon summer camp, which is organized by Professor Oak. She first encountered with Ash because of a trivial accident with a Poliwag.


Iris is another best pokemon character. Iris is the female character in Pokemon. Iris is a fictional character in the Pokemon video game series and souls pokemon. Iris is a special Dragon type pokemon. Iris is the gym leader of Opelucid City’s gym. In pokemon black and white 2 series she is the Champion of the Unova region’s Pokemon League. The medal of Iris is Legend Medal. The character is present in Pokemon games, anime and manga series.


Dawn is another anime human character in Pokemon. Dawn is a female character in Pokemon anime series. Dawn is the former travelling companion of Ash and Brock. Dawn is a ten-year-old Pokemon coordinator. The goal of Dawn is to become a great top coordinator like her mother. Dawn chooses Piplup as her pokemon. As she is the native of Sinnoh, she explains about the region which is unfamiliar to both Ash and Brock. Dawn catchphrase is “No need to worry!”.


Mallow is one of the important characters in Pokemon. She plays a female role in Pokemon character. She is one of the classmate’s of Ash. She is a tanned skin girl with a pink flower in her green hair. She is an energetic girl who loves cooking. Mallow is a grass type pokemon. She works as an employee in Aina Cafeteria. She cooks well and attracts customer to the cafeteria. Mallow owns a Bounsweet which evolved into a Steenee. Mallow appears in game series of Pokemon like Sun, Moon, Ultra sun and Ultra Moon.


Burgundy is another pokemon anime human character. Burgundy plays a female character in Pokemon. She is a recurring character of pokemon anime series. She is a C-class pokemon expert. She plays a character in the Best Wishes! series. Burgundy is a rival of Cilan. Her pokemon is Oshawott. She is a girl with purple hair and lilac eyes. She wants to defeat Cilan in order to obtain her revenge. Burgundy belongs to the region Unova.


Alian is another character in Pokemon anime series. Alian plays a male character role in Pokemon. He is a tall, slim teenager with messy black hair. Alian belongs to the region Kalos. He is a calm, silent-type figure. He shows little emotion and focuses his attention towards battling. He is a member of Team Flare. Alian appears as the main character in the Mega Evolution Specials side-series. Alian worked with Professor Sycamore in a lab in Lumiose city.


Clemont is another anime human character in Pokemon. Clemont plays a male role in Pokemon series. Clemont appears in the Pokemon XY game series. He is a gym leader of Lumiose city. He is a friend of Ash and belongs to Kalos region. He had a younger sister Bonnie, they both joined with ash on his journey through Kalos. He is a specialized electric-type Pokemon. He is a keen and skilled inventor. He is good at repairing things.

So, this is all about Pokemon anime hated human characters. We will update the remaining characters of Pokemon series as early as possible. Thank you for watching our site @ Follow our site for latest updates.



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