SAT Eligibility Criteria: What Makes You Apt for Scholastic Aptitude Test?

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is s a paper-based standardized test for getting admission in US Colleges/Universities and some other countries. It is an internationally recognized test that evaluates a candidate’s knowledge in reading, writing and quantitative aptitude and also other specialized subjects. There is no particular SAT Eligibility Criteria for attempting SAT Test 2019-20. Though one can take the SAT anytime irrespective of the class and age, it is recommended you take the test in the months of October or November, when you are in Class XI. So to take up a SAT examination, one may need to fulfill a very few norms which are followed as below.

SAT Eligibility Criteria

Check SAT Eligibility Criteria 2019-20

Educational Eligibility

High school education is necessary for appearing for the SAT examination (it means you can take SAT Exam during your Class XI or even after the XII boards).A home-schooled candidate is also eligible to take up the exam too.  A definitive percentage is not required but Good grades may help you in getting an advantage over other applicants.

Just keep your college application deadlines in mind as admission decisions are largely dependent on SAT Scores (besides GPA, transcript, recommendations, etc.).

Age Barriers

Students are usually in high school at the age of 17 or 18. Hence, it is advisable for candidates to sit for the SAT Test when they are in their senior high school.


SAT requires ID proof. A person who is taking the SAT Test must have an acceptable identity card (i.e. student ID card, school ID form, government-issued ID card, a valid passport or a driver’s license, etc). No other ID is accepted at the test center.

Candidate above 21 years, requires a valid passport or a national ID that has a photograph. All the identification cards should be taken to the exam center.

Note: The exam is limited to adult test-takers. For example, if you are above 21, you cannot opt for the stand-by registration nor can you request for test changes of any kind.

A home-schooled student can download and print the student ID card from college board website.

For more details, visit the College Board website

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