Top 5 Best Screen Recording Apps for Android (2018)

Want to record the screen on Android phone, How to find the best screen Recorder on Android? For your questions we have provided the answers by providing the best screen recording apps for your Android device, with them you can upload these videos to YouTube or Facebook for sharing with more people.

Screen Recording Apps for Android

Best Screen Recording Apps

Android phone has become a must-have device for almost all phone users. Many apps are coming one by another for Android devices including the Android Screen Recorders also. The screen recorders have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Sometimes we want to shoot video while we are playing our favorite games on our Android device, in that time we need one best screensaver app for Android. Many screen recording apps works on rooted Android devices only, so we cannot use them on our device.

If you want to record screen on non-rooted android device, there are so many screen recording apps are available on the Internet. So here we are going to mention the best screen recording apps for non-rooted Android devices.

SCR Screen Recorder

SCR Screen Recorder is the best free screen recorder app for the android mobile device. This application allows you to record your device screen for 3 minutes of the time period. This app available on Google play store for free its users. This screen recording screen app provides 3 buttons on home screen only, because it doesn’t have any separate interface.

The first one is for recording, another for app settings and last one to exit the app. These 3 buttons will appear automatically in right side when you start your recording.  In this, it is the best feature that buttons can’t visible in your playing videos. SCR Screen Saver is the best free choice for the people who are making small videos.

AZ Screen Recorder – No Root

AZ Screen Recorder is the free screen recording app for android which is available on Play Store. This app is specially designed to work smoothly on Lollipop version android devices. AZ screen recorder works normally on Lollipop devices and many screen recording apps can’t works on Lollipop version. It is the good option to record the screen of your Lollipop android device.

This app does not require root access, no watermark, no time limit and very easy to use with one action to start and stop your recording. It have a Magic Button to control recording without affecting anything on a screen. It also shows your Video Trimming and Countdown Timer on the screen to check time limit of your video.

ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder is very similar to AZ Screen Recorder, with its settings. This screen recording application allows you to add a countdown of 3 seconds before starting the screen recording, and record the external audio and include touch gestures also.

The screen recordings which are captured using ADV Screen Recorder do not contain a watermark. This app allows you to do just that by selecting an image from your device, if you want to include a logo in your recording. Finally, you can stop the recording by turning the screen off or from the notification drawer.

ilos Screen Recorder

ilos Screen Recorder is also a free screen recorder app for Android which is available on Play Store. It is has the same OS requirement with Android 5.0 Lollipop or later as the most other Android screen Recorders. It have some special features and you can record Android screen in different resolution with this application.

Through this app you can record unlimited videos.  It will only show you two buttons on the top one button is for Start recording and the second button is for Stop recording, on opening iLos app on your device. If you record your video, then you can access your screencasts from app folder.


Telecine is a high-rated game screen recorder application which is available on Google Play Store. This app has a very simple user interface and the powerful functions. After opening this app on your Android device tap Launch Overlay, you will get a small overlay at the top right corner of the screen. You can tap the Record button on the right top corner when you are ready to record your screen.

The Telecine will begin to record your Android screen automatically, after counting down with 3 seconds. The recorded video is excellent from Android phone, and you may not find any problem about the video quality. Telecine Android screen recorder has no root requirement to record your Android screen.


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