5 Tips to Secure Your Social Media Accounts From Hackers

Social Media platforms are being used by millions of users and it keeps increasing every year. The juggernauts of this field include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have gone beyond the initial purpose of sharing, entertainment and communication. These are considered as the valid advertising tools and the users are building careers using them by sharing content. Almost all the applications are being used by major employers in routine to check prospective employees on social media. By using of these social media platforms with multi-purpose aspects, they are becoming valuable tools for the average person who spends approximately 2 hours every day on those social media platforms. Being ubiquitous platforms and being linked to an increasing number of applications on phones and other devices, they need to get secured by many users and enterprises. Now let’s look for some of the tips that are needed to Secure Your Social Media Accounts.

Secure Your Social Media Accounts

Best Tips To Secure Your Social Media Accounts

Looking for best tips to to Secure Your Social Media Accounts From Hackers. Well, in this article we provide 5 easy-to-implement steps to secure your FaceBook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Gmail, Youtube, & other social media accounts. Protect your online privacy & security.

Duo-Factor Authentication

The social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube supports duo-authentication. The users have to enter a one-time password besides username and password that is sent as message to the user’s phone number that is paired with their social media account. Even the username and password is leaked, it cannot be opened without operating one-time password. This option is also used when it also comes in handy when the user need to recover their account if the user ever get locked out.

Switching passwords to Password Manager

Risk is taken place when the password is set up by human capacity. Users may create and manage strong password for their social media accounts, but there are chances to get hacked. Sometimes the users might not remember their password they have set up, then it is better to end up and create new profile by setting a new password. The user can rely on the online password creator tool that is available online in which applications can get worked.

Using Phone Number as Recovery Option

Many social media networks allows users to add their phone numbers as an emergency recovery option. Under this option, the user’s account will be totally compromised and the users can have their social profile call their phone number that gives the option to recover the option.

Using Separate Email address for Social Activities

Several users like to keep the same email-Id for the personal and professional purpose which can be increased factor for the hackers to crawl into the users social media account easily. The best way to reduce the risk is to maintain different email-id for social activities and other purposes. It is not the hard task to manage two emails for different purposes than to regret the whole life for putting everything personal on risk.

Restrict Third Party Application

When the user launches the link of website, this app asks for the access of the account, and the user should click on OK. This is the way the user allows the hackers to creep into their profile and collect the user’s information available on their profile. This is the best way to reduce the use of third party application on the website. If the users ask for the permission to access the account, they should not click on OK. Doing this, you can keep your account safe from hackers.


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