Top 10 Best Speech to Text Apps for Android with 100% accuracy (2018)

Are you looking for an app that supports speech to text? This article will help by providing you best speech to text apps for Android so that you don’t have to type a single word on your smartphone.

Speech to Text Apps for Android

10 Best Speech to Text Apps for Android

On the smartphones speech to text functionality is possible and for achieving this feature the users need to download a small piece of apps. Every app is not capable of providing you with good output. It is difficult to find best working speech to text apps for your Android device.

But below we are mentioning the 10 best speech to text apps for your Android devices.

Google Keyboard

Google keyboard is the default app for the Android devices. This is not only the best keyboard app but, it is also the best speech to text conversion app to the users. There are two ways to covert the speech-to-text: tap the microphone icon on the top-left of the keypad or tap and hold the comma to get to settings where you can select Voice Input. It is a universal app so it could be used for any text field inside.

Speech to Text

It is one of the great speech to text converting app. This is a better option for the users to easily input their emails, respond to the text messages. For writing long paragraphs speech to text is the best option for your android. This app makes use of the Android’s built-in speech recognition system to turn your voice into text.


This is an online note creation app. It allows you to create notes anywhere. This app lets users translate the speech into text online/offline. This app also have a powerful voice-typing notepad, designed to empower your ideas and creativity. Through this app you can the convert the speech to the text either online or offline as per your convenience. So it is best option for the people those who want to translate the speech to text offline.

Push to Talk

Push to Talk is another interesting speech to text application for Android Operating System. It is very best tool for messaging through speech and you need to spend time typing the numbers and letters to convey important messages to your friends or relatives. Whatever you want to message them can be given as input through speech and this app will convert into text.

It can be used for updating social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter through speech. And it also has other interesting features.


ShoutOut is one of the powerful speech to text software. Whatever input you give as speech will be converted to words in this. It is very good for messaging services with its voice addressing and dictation.  It also supports hands free mode for improved user experience. It is the first speech to text application especially for Android and works very well.

It has various interesting features like Speak able punctuation, smart word editing, popup notifications, threaded discussions, handsfree composition, Smartword editing, reply and calling etc.

Vlingo Virtual Assistant

This is another useful app from Vlingo Corporation. And it is the best speech-powered virtual assistant for Android. You can give simple voice commands, the Vlingo Virtual assistant will easily translate the speech to the text for you. Through this, you can also send text messages and e-mails to your friends. You can also do social networking through Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook hands-free with help of this amazing Android application.

Evernote Voice-to-Text Extension

Evernote is an amazing android application. It alerts you to remember important information and take notes on the go. It will help in developing your productivity by saving your ideas, taking notes, capturing photos, record voice reminders etc. There is a speech to text update for this app. if you want to take notes, You can just need to put speech input out and the application will create notes out.

For teachers and students, it will be a useful app and help them in taking important notes through speech.

List Note Speech-to-Text Notes

This is a note making an app and very useful for quick notes saving. It has the capability to translate the speech to text quickly by just speaking these to the device. The text to speech conversion inside this app lets the users do so. But there is one restriction is apply for the users that the users could only write with speech inside the app only.

Voice to Text

Voice to Text is an excellent speech to text app which supports over 30 languages. And it provides a high level of accuracy with each one of them because it is based on the Google’s speech recognition system. Voice to Text is not limited to messaging and emailing only.

You can use this app this app as your speech to text assistant with social networking apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber etc. So it is the best option for different uses of you like messaging, chatting etc.

Voice To Text for Multi-Apps

This app is the only speech to text app that supports each and every app which is amidst on the Android. It also supports the 21 languages. It is very useful for writing long-form texts. This app is the perfect choice for the users those who are searching for one speech-to-text app for all their multi apps like messaging, WhatsApp, twitter etc, at one place. This app accuracy levels of are intermediate. So the users need to use that accuracy level.


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