Download TOEFL Listening Test Syllabus – Complete Syllabus of TOEFL Listening Section

The TOEFL Listening is one of the basic test of TOEFL exam. Many candidates take TOEFL listening test to improve their listening skills. It is important for a non-native English speaker to listen English and understand the content beyond the accent. To help the students from the non-native English Speaking countries. The TOEFL listening syllabus is designed to score well in the listening section of the test. In this you can get the complete guide about the TOEFL listening test syllabus.

TOEFL Listening Test Syllabus
TOEFL Listening Test Syllabus

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TOEFL Listening Test Format

Listening MaterialNumber of QuestionsDuration
4-6 lectures; each 3-5 minutes long6 questions per lecture 

60-90 minutes

2-3 conversations; approximately 3 mins long5 questions per conversation

You will hear short conversations as well as long conversations in the TOEFL Listening test. You will be asked one question and multiple choices of answers will be given after the short conversation. You have to choose one answer. You will be asked multiple questions based on the conversation in the long conversations

Question Type

a) 4–6 lectures (3-5 minutes long, about 500-800 words), 6 questions each; about 30
questions in total.

b) 2–3 conversations (about 3 minutes long, about 12-25 exchanges), 5 questions each; about 12 questions in total

Complete TOEFL Listening Test Syllabus

TOEFL listening syllabus is designed as per the test format and timing given for listening test section in TOEFL. The test is offered in two formats one is internet based format and another one is paper based format. The TOEFL Listening Test Syllabus is designed to meet both the requirements of paper based and the internet based listening test.

The recorded lecture become a part of an academic lecture and sometimes the students may also participation in a few. The conversational recording happens between a professor or a campus service provider or a student.

You can follow the given below guidelines for your TOEFL listening test preparation.

  • Perfect usage of standard grammar rules and building vocabulary would also help, to understand the meaning of a word.
  • A student would get to know the important details given by the speaker by taking down notes while listening is mandatory.

The guide lines which are given below play a vital role when a student enters the answering part. The guidelines that are stated above should be followed to meet the following purposes.

Comprehending the Purpose of the Passage

The lecture or a conversation can be heard only once in this section. So making notes will help a student to find the main idea of the passage, and which in turn will provide the answer for the basic question.

Learning from Listening

The questions which are asked in the test concerned with the key facts, relation between the important details, cause of the events, and to categorize the relevant details. A student must draw an outline to get an answer for these questions, when that candidate completes the note making process.  Inference

From the Author’s point of View

The conclusion of a recording can be identified only, if it is analyzed from speaker’s point of view.

There are barriers like accent, vocabulary and usage which are faced by a student while preparing for TOEFL listening section. To overcome these obstacles because while taking up the test, students should understand the content beyond the accent.


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