TOEFL Sample Papers with Answers – TOEFL Test Practice Papers & Basic Study Tips

TOEFL Sample Papers: TOEFL Test is known as Test of English as a Foreign Language. The test is a highly competitive test conducted for English language. Before appearing for TOEFL Test the candidate has to be fully prepared. The TOEFL test is conducted in two modes first one is Internet Based Test (IBT) and another one is Paper Based Test (PBT).

TOEFL Sample Papers with Answers

You can prepare for the test in various ways for the test, such as referring to, magazines guide books and sample question papers. Sample question papers are one of those materials, which give you an actual idea about TOEFL Test. In this page we have provided you the sample question papers to prepare for TOEFL Test.

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TOEFL Sample Papers with Answers

TOEFL is a test which aimed at evaluating the proficiency in English of people whose language is not English. The educational institutes which are located countries mainly in the USA and Canada consider TOEFL score for giving admission to the students. If you want to get admission in abroad you have to qualify in the TOEFL test. For that you have to know about its question patterns you need to prepare yourself for the examination in such a way that you are able to score well.

Practicing the Sample question papers or practice papers of TOEFL test gives an idea about the question patterns, difficulty of the test etc. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) develops the test which is USA based institution. It will provide you sample question papers of Test of English as a Foreign Language Paper Based Test. It has separate sample question papers for each section of the test like listening sample papers, reading sample papers structure and written expression sample papers.

The TOEFL practice papers provide a deep insight into the four sections of the test. The test papers of TOEFL have sample questions with answers that help the candidates to know how to answer the questions in a simple manner.

For Listening Section

The listening comprehension section measures your ability to understand English in a speech manner. The questions which are asked in this section on both short and long conversation way. It is important that the candidates have to use vocabulary and idiomatic expressions common to spoken English along with special grammatical constructions in speech.

For Structure and Written Expression

The structure and written expression section measures your structural and grammatical skills in standard written English. For this section you have to be prepared for U.S. or Canadian history, culture, art or literature as well as grammatical or structural elements.

For reading comprehension

The reading comprehension section is one of the important section and the questions which are asked you based on reading passages mainly. And you have to be very concern about those words which have more than one meaning.

Basic Study Tips of TOEFL Test

  • You have to spend enough time in TOEFL preparation then you know where your strengths and weaknesses areas.
  • Through the practice of some practice tests you can concentrate your TOEFL preparation on any weak areas.
  • Each of the test sections has a time limit, and you want to make the most of the time you are given.
  • Be ready for test conditions and be well-rehearsed to maximize your TOEFL score.

Download the TOEFL Sample Papers with Answers

Download the TOEFL iBT Sample Question Papers- Reading, Listening, Reading, and Writing

Download the TOEFL Practice Paper 1

Download the TOEFL Practice Paper 2

Download the TOEFL Practice Paper 3

Download the TOEFL Practice Paper 4

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