Download TOEFL Speaking Test Syllabus – Complete Syllabus of TOEFL Speaking Section

The TOEFL Speaking examine the speaking abilities of the test takers. Varieties of topics are given to them and it also tests the information organizing skills of the candidates. It is very important to express the ideas in an effective way in the TOEFL Speaking test.The interviewers expect a very high intellectual and sustained conversation from the candidates. So it is very important that you present yourself confidently. Look down for getting more information about the TOEFL Speaking Test Syllabus and pattern of the test.

TOEFL Speaking Test Syllabus

TOEFL Speaking Test Format

Section No. of questions Types of Questions Time Period
Speaking 6 questions Express Opinion on a particular topic/ Speak based on reading and listening tasks 20 minutes

The TOEFL exam Reading Section contain 3-4 passages and 36-56 questions which are related to those passages. Those questions on the screen, candidates have to read them and then respond on the basis of related questions. And 60-80 minutes allotted for answering the TOEFL Reading Section to the students.

There will be 12-14 questions related to each passage. Candidates would be judged on the basis of their fluency and speed at which the candidate is reading the paragraph.

Complete TOEFL Speaking Test Syllabus

Independent Tasks

In this task the students have to give responses based on their personal opinions and experiences. The test takers can prove also themselves by expressing their personal views and ideas on the topics which are given to them.

The answers which are given by the students should be logical and comprehensible. The given topics all about famous places, people or any social events also. This segment will have 2 tasks and both the tasks will have one question each. To organize your answers 15 seconds preparation time and 45 seconds time for providing response you get.

Integrated Tasks

4 tasks and one question for each task are provided in this segment. It will be based on listening, reading and then speaking. The test takers will be asked to read a passage in the first 2 tasks and will be given a piece of conversation to listen which will be related to the passage given previously.

30 seconds for each question as preparation time and 45 seconds time given to respond to each question. It is important that the answers given should include valid reasonable examples. The topics which are asked in this task can be general.

Instructions are given to test takers to listen to the conversation given in the next 2 tasks, and then they have to provide responses to it. The conversation can be related to issues of campus or student issues. The 20 seconds preparation time is given for each question and 60 seconds response time will be for each question.

The Test Takers are tested for the Following Purposes in this Speaking Section of TOEFL:

  • After analyzing the given information, the test takers have to provide the personal opinion in an organized approach.
  • The candidates must maintain clarity in speech and the flow of information with no major mistakes in pronunciation.
  • They need to merge and summarize the information which was read in textbooks and heard from outside sources.
  • It is important to that the test taker have to use effective vocabulary and grammar.
  • They should have the ability to organize the ideas in an effective manner and providing valid examples which supports the given answers.

Note: In this the test takers get an advantage as the note-taking is allowed. With the help of note-taking the candidates can organize their ideas by noting down and the important phrases to be used while providing responses.

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