Download TOEFL Writing Test Syllabus – Complete Syllabus of TOEFL Writing Section

Get here complete TOEFL Writing Test Syllabus and Pattern of the test. The TOEFL Writing section aims at measuring the standard of students to write in English in an academic milieu. It is important that the candidate have to write in Standard English format with fundamental grammar rules in the TOEFL Writing test. If you want to attempt the writing test confidently you need to keeping in mind the complete TOEFL Writing Test Syllabus and format. Read this page completely to get an idea of complete syllabus of the test and what kinds of tasks are given in the writing test.

TOEFL Writing Test Syllabus

TOEFL Writing Test Format

SectionQuestionsTasksTime Period
Writing2 tasksWrite answers of essay based on listening and reading tasks, and support an opinion in writing.50 minutes

The TOEFL Writing Section will consist of two writing tasks. You will be required to a read a text and then listen to a conversation/lecture in the first writing task. After that you will be asked a question and you will have 20 minutes to write your response. The effective response will contain 150 to 225 words.

In the second writing task you will have to write an essay to a question, you to express your opinion about a topic or issue to that question.

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Complete TOEFL Writing Test Syllabus

TOEFL writing syllabus is divided into two parts according to the writing section in TOEFL test which are given below.

1. Integrated Writing Syllabus

  • The Integrated writing syllabus consists of a reading passage from an academic topic as well as a recorded lecture on the same topic which is to be listened to.
  • Total time period integrated task is 20 minutes. A student has to combine information from reading source and from the recording in this task, in order to show how those two passages are related.
  • The questions in this part of writing syllabus require answers which contain the main ideas and key facts that relate both the texts.

2. Independent Writing Syllabus

  • Independent writing syllabus consists of an experience or a common issue which is familiar to students.
  • Students should provide their personal views, and opinions on the issue in this part. And they should substantiate with supporting examples while providing their opinions.
  • In this task the questions do not require an expertise on the subject matter. But the Answers should consist a clear progression of ideas and personal viewpoints.

The questions which will be asked in writing syllabus are based on certain purposes. They are listed as follows:

Combine Information from Two Different Sources

In this method any information from two different sources should be artificial to find what the aspects are which relates those two sources. In integrated task the questions require answers of this kind.

The answers should contain the purpose of the passage in the introductory paragraph and the main idea. And the body of the essay should have a clear progression of key facts, and the cause of events. According to the order of events, these need to be categorized.

Language Usage

A good usage of grammar and variety of vocabulary helps in scoring high in TOEFL writing test. Students should use unknown words while speaking and writing. It is very important to giving answers to a question in the form of an essay. And the Raters always expect for a good usage of grammar and vocabulary from the test takers.

Processing View Points

Students have to form their personal views on experience or an issue. They should express their opinion on the situation explained there, when a general question is asked. The candidates have to develop the topic and they have to write an essay which contains their ideas, and if they should support those ideas with examples.

Topic Development of an Essay

A good essay should have a clear order of facts, ideas, number of words, tone and conclusion.

Delivery of an Essay

An essay structure should have an interesting and relevant introduction, a conclusion in the viewpoint of a student or the inference from the author’s point of view and well progressed body.

That’s all. If you want any more updates related to TOEFL Writing Test Syllabus please feel free to ask your queries from the below comment section. We will try to answers as soon as possible.



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