Top 10 Best TV Streaming Sites {Updated Nov 2017 }

In these modern days you don’t have to buy a television or cable to enjoy your favorite TV shows. Online streaming is the best way to watch everything from live news& sports to modern TV shows to classic movies on any device you choose. Here in this article you can get the information about top 10 best TV Streaming Sites where you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

TV Streaming Sites

List of 10 Best TV Streaming Sites

There are plenty of websites out there that let you watch free TV shows and movies online. With the best streaming sites you can get some benefits. The first benefit is that you can save time on downloading, other good thing is if you want to watch your favorite movies or TV shows you need to just click on play button. Today number of streaming sites are available for you and these sites offering HD quality streams. The top 10 Best TV Streaming Sites list and details are discussed below:

1. is one of the best movie streaming site, which offers free streaming sites. If you like to watch quick story lines, genres and movie star re-caps, it is a good platform for you.  This notch video player chosen by default throughout the pages. It allows super smooth loading, subtitles and a range of video quality settings.


  • Great video player offered site-wide.
  • Easy to get a quick overview of each film.


Number of movie streaming sites are there, but among them the most famous movie streaming site. Many users found that the Kingmovies site has been receiving plenty of shares on social networks. It offers the movies with high level HD quality to its users. While you watching one movie in this site, the second lists the top user requests for movies to be added to the Kingmovies library.


  • Lots shares on social networks.
  • Users can make request and see what others are watching.
  • Playback quality is displayed in top corner of each movie image.

3. is very easy to use movie site. It has a massive database of older and recent titles. If you want to get a required title it is not hard with the search feature. It take some time to provide what you are looking for. The catalogue of it small than its peers. And more work needed on any general presentation of this site.


  • Great on most smartphones especially iPhone.
  • Good range of Sci-Fi, Thriller, & History.

4. is one of the most popular site to get movies online free. If you searching for one title, it will search through thousands of sites and offers more videos to choose. It is the fast-loading website and it has quality-interface. You can watch all recent released movies online without downloading here. It is great site for users especially trying to stream on PC, iPhone, iPad or Android mobile devices.


  • All major languages are offered.
  • Huge search engine for TV series online.
  • Mega fast loading times.

5. is another great TV streaming site to the users. In this site you can stream each and every single language movies and TV shows. On this site you can click of a button, activate subtitles in English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese. You can get to read subtitles in your own language, but the audio remains in English language.


  • Easy to watch any movie while reading in your mother tongue.
  • Subtitles available in all major languages.

6. is one of the oldest TV streaming site and famous site all over the world. It have over 30 million monthly visits, this score proved that the become the hot streaming site among others. The designers of this site created it with full of simplicity. It means you can just click go, everything plays within the same window without redirecting to third parties.


  • Gigantic movie catalogue
  • Search feature is pretty good

7. is one of the first free movie website which offers mobile viewing to the users. Still it have lots of visitors, but the library may not have all recent hits. The dark background and modern design makes this site easy to use on your PC, and avoids all painful glare on the eyes. This is the one of the best popular places to standardize the HTML5 technology across all pages of the site.


  • Completely mobile-friendly.
  • Seventy five percentage of the catalogue are recent movies.

8. is also one of the great platform where you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows. Its newly designed interface offers a pleasant overall experience to the users. Here you can search for popular titles right form the landing page. Or click on the top navigation bar is another simple way to select your desired category.


  • A good backup site for free shows online.
  • Simple design and layout.


Watchseries is one of the best streaming site to watch TV series online free. Number of movies you can watch here. And the catalogue of the old-time classics is endless. This site is most popular streaming site because the design is basic and the layout is kept tidy. It is also one of the good platform for the users those who want to watch their old-time hit movies.


  • All latest episodes.
  • Front page offers an organized TV schedule.
  • A range of links to pick and choose.

10. is one of the best TV streaming site which has the nicest look out as compared with other streaming sites. Here you can watch thousands of free streaming TV shows online without downloading. It offers smooth experience when on a PC or laptop to the users. The new releases are always updated as soon as available.


  • Works well on PS4, Xbox, and mobile android devices.
  • Extra fast even during peak times.

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