Top 10 Best Apps for Android to Watch Anime Online Free

Do you like to watch comedy, drama, sports, and romance at one place? If your answer is yes, you are at right post. Anime are great sources to get entertainment, and the viewer’s number is increasing over the world. Anime has become popular among the children and adults all over the world. There are number of apps, you can Watch Anime Online Free in high quality.

Watch Anime Online Free

10 Best Apps for Watch Anime Online Free

If you want to stream anime on your android smartphone for free Anime Apps where you can watch anime online on your android device.

Let’s check out some of the best apps to Watch Anime Online Free using your Android.

Anime TV

If you like to watch, Anime online in its original version this app will perfectly suitable for you. You have no need to worry about the quality, because this app will provides superior quality to its users. This app is available on the Google Play store. Anime TV app is having very simple design and it loads very faster than other anime apps. Through this you can also watch your favorite anime services offline as per your convenience. Here you can watch English subbed anime as well as English Dubbed Anime by using this application.  Anime episodes are available with Portuguese subtitles also. This application can be used to stream anime online as well as to download anime episodes.

Anime Crave

This app allows you to watch anime trailers with high quality, rate anime, and add to your lists. And this application includes more than 2000 anime titles or dialogues in the HD quality. There are also some interesting functions such as gaining points by watching anime, advanced anime search etc. You have an options to watch anime movies, download anime wallpapers, watch anime trailers and stream anime music. New videos are added every day. You can subscribe to the latest updated of that anime series you like. If you have not found the episode you want, anime request option will help to find those episodes. Here everything depends on the functions that you prefer to have in your gadget.


Viewster application allows users to stream content in DVD quality with a few titles available for watching in HD. Through this app you can access to the thousands of your favorite anime episodes. First you have to signup then you can go straight for movies and TV series which are the important sections of the app. According to the year of production and by genre, the movie section divides movies into categories. You can watch your favorite shows such as Naruto, Samurai Warrior, Rogu Horaidzun and others in Viewster. Here you can also get theatrical movie releases, documentaries, indie flicks and some Korean drama to watch.


Crunchyroll is a legal app with an excellent interface, worldwide availability, and an extensive device support. Here you can watch over 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of the latest and greatest anime series. With this app you get a chance to view your favorite episodes such as Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, and Attack on Titan. All episodes are included absolutely from free in HD quality, and these are sorted by seasons. It is the perfect app for you to keep in touch with the latest news of the anime world right from Japan.

Anime Lib 

With this app you can access to number of Anime movies of any genre and you get more than 500 anime titles to watch. Every day new anime is added and all the episodes are included in the free version. In this app you will find a variety of languages, you can choose any and watch it.

In case of no Internet connection, you can download episodes and do not miss a single thing from your favorite cartoon. Through this different backgrounds are also available for your smartphone. It is an amazing app and includes a variety of your favorite anime.


Netflix is one of the best streaming apps for Movies, TV Shows, and Anime Series. It offers unlimited streaming of Movies, Anime and TV Shows at a very reasonable price. Though this app is not completely free to watch anime episodes. Netflix has produced its own anime series. The collection of shows, movies and videos is expands so you will have a chance to access to all of it in its free 30-days trial version. Netflix also combines the videos to see according to your preferences. Create an account and this app will gather the necessary information to suggest you the best option to choose to watch. You can share your favorite episodes with your friends and rate them.


This is the official service from Japan for streaming anime. It is very different from those apps for anime watching. It has totally made for creating personalized content if you signing up, so firstly you have to create your account. Then you have to sign up of this website before streaming any of the anime videos. This app can collect the information and distribute episodes. DAISUI is official anime application which provides all the details regarding the anime episode and the creator names of the anime. You can stream anime episodes with English subtitles. Here everything depends on the power of your gadget.

AnimeVN- Anime, Manga & Chat

AnimeVN is an anime portal. Here you will find any anime you like – manga or videos. Its main advantage is Chatting. After launching this app the users can see the variety of options in front of them. They are different types of anime and manga, Facebook links, anime charts and other. The download option is also available for you, if you liked a particular anime episodes and want to watch it in offline mode. The interface and design are simple of this application.

Naruto Shippuden

This app is branch of Crunchyroll app and designed for Naruto fans. It is having very simple design. Here you can find all the episodes in chronological order. If you like this app, you don’t need to create an\ account to start streaming your favorite episode. You can always update to a Premium membership so you can watch everything without add, stream new episodes immediately after their premiere etc. You can also watch movies on PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Apple TV and other devices. Naruto has gained fans among not only anime lovers but also usual viewers.


This is one of the most popular Anime apps for your android. This app includes a huge variety of options.

And you can see the charts of the most popular anime, a seasonal chart, and a calendar, etc on the first page of it.  If you like this app, then you can create your own account you can sing up to new episodes. You have an additional option that you can receive notification about some updates or new series. When new seasons of an anime are available you will definitely get a notification from this. The app makes the chatting between all the anime fans easy. Through this app, you can enjoy your anime time.


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