Find Out Top 10 Best Wikipedia Alternative Sites (2018 Update)

Wikipedia is one of the largest source of information over internet. It is a community driven portal where anyone can obtain information in detail about any topic. The services are offered across the globe with millions of articles as the part of database of Wikipedia that is available in almost all languages i.e. either in national languages or international languages. The information may be related to history, or any term or religion, region, country, profession or whatever else is required in Wikipedia. Not only this, but there are some alternative sources like Wikipedia. Let’s look for some of the Best Wikipedia Alternative Sites.

Wikipedia Alternative SitesAlternatives Sites of Wikipedia

Some of the alternative sites like Wikipedia are mentioned hereunder:


It is a site made from the Media Wiki software which almost appears like Wikipedia with significant differences. Scholarpedia is written by the scholars or experts who must be either invited or elected before they are assigned certain topics in the site that are editable by anyone like wiki. Updates are first approved before finalization.


Library Spot

Library Spot is a free virtual library resource center for educators, students, librarians, patrons, families and businesses etc. exploring the web for valuable research information. This site provides information overload of web and bring the best library & reference sites together with insightful editorial user-friendly spot. This site is featured as which are hand-selected and reviewed by editorial team for their exceptional quality, content and utility.


Encyclopedia Britannica Online

This site transfers every volume of information into Web format in addition to multimedia features & easy search tool. Updates to the site entries are made by professionals. To have full access to this site, one should pay the subscription of $70 per year. This seems to be a sound investment for students and the yearly fee is substantially cheaper than buying the set of Encyclopedia book. All major universities accepts this site as the most reliable source for citing information in research paper that Wikipedia can’t claim.


Virtual Reference Shelf

Virtual Reference Shelf allows the users to make e-reference titles that are more accessible for patrons. These comprises of Lib-Guides with numerous collections of virtual reference books. This reference shelves discuss various aspects of creating & using VRS that include designing, marketing, literacy information & assessment and future directions.



Investopedia has a lot of information to share with business people and it is one of the leading sources of financial content on the internet. Investopedia contains information from daily market news to the investment decision-making and ongoing market situation. People who are using Wikipedia for getting information can use this site as an alternative as a insight about corporate world and many other aspects.


Wiki Info

Wiki Info over the internet basically share information that is necessary and available for access to anyone. Wiki Info is a user contributed information portal that accepts articles about matters having contemporary significance. The features and functions are alike and its user interface is just like Wikipedia but this doesn’t allow sharing large numbers.



It is an ambitious spoof of Wikipedia and it could be seen as an over-the-top response to Wikipedia users who are also known as Wikipedians. The parallels between two sites are well executed from the home page’s logo to formatting of each entry. Uncyclopedia should not be taken as fact in which it may be another dig at Wikipedia’s occasional inaccuracy.


Fact Monster

Fact Monster, being one of the largest sources of information on the internet is web-based information source that relies on credible information sources. The articles in Fact Monster are accepted as a credible and reliable means for citation as well as referencing purposes. The articles listed are meant to assist people of all fields and ages. This is free to use and offers a wide range of material to students and teachers etc.


Open Library

Open Library is an online project which is intended to create a web page for every book that is ever published and it is a project of non-profit internet archive which has been funded in part by grant from California State Library and Austin Foundation. It provided access to many public domain and out-of-print books that are to be read online.



Pantheon is the online encyclopedia that is specialized in information regarding mythology and religion. This is widely called as premier encyclopedia and in all the sections. The main advantage of using this information database is that it offers the users different kinds of information. For easiness of visitors, Pantheon has divided its section into interesting categories.


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