Zaheer Khan Felicitation at Adelaide Oval for contribution to cricket

Here is the news for the netizens who are very interested in knowing the trending news of Sports sector, Recently the Former Indian fast bowler Zaheer Khan felicitation was held at Adelaide Oval Cricket Ground on Saturday during his visit to Australia with his wife Sagarika Ghatge. Zaheer Khan played 92 Tests and 200 ODIs for India before declaring his international retirement in 2013.

Darren Chandler, General Manager Marketing and Operations Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority, Minister Ridgway and his wife Meredith, Rodney Harrex, CE South Australian Tourism Commission and Raju Narayanan, Director of Indian Engagement for Government of SA. Khan attended the Zaheer Khan Felicitation program.

Remembering his experiences, Zaheer Khan said that he has memories of playing at Oval. “Adelaide Oval is a fantastic place for playing cricket and fond of memories at this stadium”. Zaheer also said that he always wanted a trip because it’s one of the most unique destinations in Australia and there’s so much to discover.

He further shared that he is very happy to be recognized by the stadium. “Being recognized and appreciated here, therefore, is very special and I look returning back to explore more of the State very soon,” he said.

Zaheer Khan also posted on Instagram, in which he thanked Oval for hosting him. “Thank you # Adelaide oval for hosting us. It was a complete pleasure to meet Mr.David Ridgway and his lovely wife Meredith. Certainly brought back a lot of memories while taking a tour of the Oval “ he posted on Instagram.


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