SAT Scores: Average SAT Scores for Colleges – SAT Percentiles and Score Rankings

Information includes Average SAT Scores According to College wise, State wise and Gender Wise. The Below report represents the 25th and 75th percentile SAT scores of all students that are admitted in a given year. So, see the below new SAT percentiles to give you an idea of these new benchmarks.

Average SAT Scores

What is Good SAT Score?

There is no definition of a ‘good’ SAT score. Generally speaking, scoring close to the average (mean). It means 500 on critical reading and writing and 500 on mathematics – shows that a student has scored as well as about half of the other students who have taken the test.

Each college has its own way of using test scores and evaluating applicants. The Average SAT Scores reports sent to colleges include SAT Score Ranges and SAT Percentiles that provide some context for how well a student has performed in the test.

Average SAT I Scores 2019-20

Subject Min Score
Critical Reading 620
Math (for Engineering and Architecture) 600
Writing 610

Average SAT II Scores

Subject Min Score
Literature 610
American History 600
World History 590
Math I 570
Math II/IIC 540
Biology 590
Ecological Biology 590
Molecular Biology 590
Chemistry 580
Physics 580
Chinese/Chinese Language 570
French/French Language 570
German/German Language 579
Hebrew 500
Italian 570
Japanese/Japanese Language 570
Korean with L 570
Latin 580
Spanish/Spanish L 570

Check complete list of Average SAT Scores by State Wise

State Score
Massachusetts 1130
Connecticut 1126
Minnesota 1107
New Jersey 1104
Illinois 1101
New Hampshire 1101
North Dakota 1099
Virginia 1099
South Dakota 1099
Iowa 1098
Wisconsin 1096
Vermont 1093
Colorado 1090
Missouri 1089
Michigan 1086
Kansas 1081
Georgia 1080
Indiana 1075
Florida 1073
Nebraska 1070
Wyoming 1067
Kentucky 1064
New York 1062
North Carolina 1062
Oregon 1058
Maryland 1057
Washington 1057
Idaho 1056
South Carolina 1056
Hawaii 1056
Tennessee 1054
California 1053
Ohio 1051
Arizona 1045
Pennsylvania 1044
Oklahoma 1043
Rhode Island 1042
Montana 1039
Alaska 1037
Mississippi 1035
Arkansas 1034
Utah 1027
Texas 1026
Nevada 1017
New Mexico 1016
Delaware 1015
District of Columbia 1012
Louisiana 1011
Maine 1008
Alabama 998
West Virginia 963

Important Note: You can get SAT scores 2019-20 by phone starting on the day they’re released, but there’s an extra fee.

New SAT Scored

The new SAT is scored on a scale from 400 to 1600. Student gets two section scores, one for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and other one is Math, which is essentially your Reading and Writing sections combined. The scale for both EBRW and Math ranges from 200 to 800.

If you choose to take the essay, your essay score won’t factor into your total scores. Your essay will be scored by 2 readers. Student gets three scores between 2 and 8 for three areas:

  • Reading
  • Analysis, and
  • Writing.

SAT Percentiles

Percentile EBRW Math TOTAL
90th percentile (excellent) 680* 690* 1340
75th percentile (good) 620 610* 1220*
50th percentile (average) 540** 530** 1080
25th percentile (poor) 470 470** 950
10th percentile (very poor) 410* 410 830

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