Sprint Prepaid Plans for October 2018 – What’s Best for You?

Hello all, if you want prepaid internet plans for your devices, here is the best plans for you. The best internet plan services are provided by the Sprint Technologies. This Sprint is owns the best prepaid plans. In this article, you are going to know all the details regarding sprint Prepaid plans.


Let us go in detail about the sprint prepaid plans as follows:

Sprint Prepaid Unlimited Plan:

Usually, the Sprint offers a prepaid unlimited plan, called Sprint Forward, with the $65 per month for the first line ($60 a month with the AutoPay discount). If you like the service, You could add a second line for $45 a month, and you could add a third, fourth or fifth line for $35 a month each (again, you can cut $5 off those prices if you sign up for the AutoPay discount).

Sprint is holding a promotion for its prepaid unlimited plan. It cuts the price of the first line down to $55 a month ($50 with AutoPay), with the second line priced at $45 a month as usual. You know that, customers can add the third, fourth or fifth line for free if they use the AutoPay discount. At the time o adding, this special offer is supposed to end in a particular time may be up to august, although Sprint may decide to extend it. If you sign up for the promotional price, you can keep getting it until September 30, 2018. After the expiration of offer date, the unlimited plan goes back to its normal pricing.

All of these plans which will be  included unlimited talk, text and data inside the US, along with unlimited international texting and 1080p resolution support for video streaming. This plan  also includes 10 GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data per month.

Sprint Prepaid Plans with limited data

Though this is limited data plan, at the time, Sprint only offers one limited prepaid plan. This plan offers 4 GB of 4G high-speed data for $45 a month, or $40 with the AutoPay option. You can add up to five lines to this plan, each costing $30 a month. If your  4 GB data is over of high-speed data, you can still be able to connect at slower 2G speeds until the end of your billing cycle. You also have the option of adding more high-speed data if you run out, for $15 for 1 GB. This plan offers unlimited talk and text in US, along with unlimited international texting.

Sprint Unlimited prepaid tablet plan

If you own a tablet, you can also sign up for a prepaid unlimited data plan for those devices at Sprint. It costs $30 a month ($25 with AutoPay) and includes unlimited texting, along with 10 GB of mobile hotspot data support. The Video streaming is limited to 480p resolution on this plan, along with limiting music streaming speeds to 500 Kbps, and streaming cloud gaming at 2 Mbps. Finally, you can only sign up for this particular plan at one of Sprint’s retail stores; it is not available online.

Up to now, you have seen the Sprint prepaid plans and the detailed information about the plans. You can refer this website for more information for more data plans. To bookmark this website, just press CTRL+D. Thank you for Visiting our site.   


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