India vs Kenya | Sunil Chhetri Lifts India to Intercontinental Cup Title on Sunday (10.06.2018)

Sunil Chhetri, the Captain played the key role in lifting India to the title. Two strikes from Sunil Chhetri and two timely blocks from Gurupreet Singh gave the win to India. Sunil Chhetri Lifts India to Intercontinental Cup Title. India controlled the ball in the first half but Kenya fight back and in the second half India was lifted up by Gurpreet’s efforts and gained the title.

Chhetri remained as the top scorer with eight goals. The first goal came off by Chhetri even Jittery Kenyans used all efforts to keep him away from the ball.

Later, Ovela Ochieng’s shot towards Indian goal when Gurupreet responded with a graceful leaping save. India strives hard for the ball, the skipper Chhetri chased a goal kick by Gurupreet across the field. Sunil Chhetri Lifts India to Intercontinental Cup Title.

The team played its own half, covering up each other to defeat Kenyans.

India defeated Kenya 3-0 in their previous encounter during the tournament. Kenya lost the game although they tried to maintain good defence in the second half of the match, owing to India ‘s lead and team’s effort and support from all the audience and fans, India won the game and captured the title.

Mumbai fans are extremely happy with the excellent playing of Chhetri which brought the Intercontinental title to India.

And the India captain made the game memorable by scoring a brace. They will look to replicate the performance of their league game against the African side again in the summit clash, which the organizers have claimed to be a ‘sold out’ match.

Indians who are very fond of Football are very happy and excited towards the Victory of India against Kenya. However Sunil Chhetri played very well and lifted India to gain the Intercontinental Cup Title.


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