List of Hindi Shayari Apps for Android (Latest 2018)

Shayari is a form of Urdu poetry which enlightens not only a particular person but also the people around by the way of music. It permits the writers to express their feelings through words and makes them allow to write in rhythmic words in order to explain their sentiments. This form of poetry significantly touches the hearts of the readers with the writer’s communicative and aspiring words which make Shayari a great form of poetry. Many people read Shayari in books and on the internet and now these are possible to read on one’s Android phones. Now let’s look for different types of Hindi Shayari Apps for Android.

Hindi Shayari Apps for Android

Best Hindi Shayari Apps for Android

There are different Hindi Shayari apps based on different expressions and emotions like funny, friendship, sad, greetings, occasions like birthday, anniversary and festivals etc. and all these apps are available and can be downloaded most probably from Google Play Store. Let’s look for some of the Hindi Shayari apps that are available on Android.

Friendship Shayari

This Shayari is used to express the friendship between the persons and makes them be happy forever. This shayari consists of different types of poems or messages that attracts the viewers and are helpful to express the emotions through different shayari and this application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Relation Shayari

This application is used to send messages by expressing the emotions and relationships between the people through messages or shayari which would help the others feel the emotion of the sent person and these are very attractive and might make the relationships strong.

Sad & Funny Shayari

This is used to express the emotions of the persons mostly sad and hatred. To avoid the sadness, there are some funny shayari that remove the sadness and make the others happy and cool.

Occasional Shayari

The Shayari which are used to express the greetings related to festivals, occasions and celebrations which include birthdays, marriages, anniversaries and many more to express their happiness and excitement.

Motivational Shayari

This shayari includes poems or messages which makes the others get motivated by reading these shayari. This type of shayari includes various motivational poems and messages that motivates any kind of people by their attractive verses or words.

Love Shayari

This shayari is used mostly by lovers or couple for expressing their love towards each other. This comprises of attractive messages or poems that are very impressive and make others fall in love with these shayari.

Comedy Shayari

This Shayari is used to send comedy messages to the friends or relatives or any others related to different aspects which helps in making others happy and also for developing the relationships.

Shayaro Ki Shayari

It is said to be the most interesting app for Shayari lovers. Though it doesn’t have too much shayari’s, but might have good collection for pretty shayari’s and this include shayari of all type like funny, love, hate, romantic, hate, and many more. These are quite impressive and these helpful to express the emotions or feelings of ones.

Shayari Ka Khazana

From the title itself the people can understand that it is an app consisting treasure of Shayaris and the people can share different shayaris under various circumstances according to situations.

SMS Shayari

This shayari is the best application to send messages to friends, relatives or lover. People can share these shayaris with their loved ones in a simple message and by a simple click.


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