How much does NetFlix Cost per month? (Recent Update)

About Netflix: Netflix is a paid media streaming service that allows the users to watch movies and TV shows from almost any kind of device. User can always Netflix to stream media from any devices like TV, computer, laptop, Android phone, iOS devices PS4 or anything. If the user is looking for the best movie streaming sites where the user can watch the TV shows too, then the user should use Netflix to watch latest movies on it. Netflix is having a huge database for storing favorite movies or TV shows, so that the user can choose their favorite one without any problem. Breaks between the shows may cause annoyance and this can be prevented by using Netflix and it is the highly recommended streaming service for watching movies or TV shows without any breaks. It is a world-wide streaming service and it is available as mobile app and website so that it can be used anywhere by users. Now here you can check How much does NetFlix Cost per month in your country?

How Much Does Netflix Cost

Netflix Plans

Netflix offers two types of subscriptions or plans viz. DVD/Blu-ray and Streaming and can be explained below:

DVD/Blu-ray Plan

The DVD plan price may be based on how many discs that the user can have at any given time and there is another option to add Blu-ray which involves an upcharge. Blu-ray option might not be available always and sometimes will be available on all its product offerings. If in the case, if the company do not provide the user the DVD version, then the user may be on Blu-ray. Additionally there are two types of plans available viz. limited plan and unlimited plan in which the limited plan is one DVD at a time with no more DVDs whereas unlimited is self-explanatory. Prices of limited plan ranges between $4.99 to $7.99 whereas for unlimited plan, the price ranges between $52.99 to $59.99 depending upon the discs that the user want at any given time if the user choose the Blu-ray option and this service is available only in the United States.

Streaming Plan

Netflix streaming plan allows the user to watch movies of old and less well-known films that the DVD plan costs for $8.99 per month on any internet connected device. The user can enjoy the plan of $4 or more per month with four different services simultaneously and this allows different members of the family or friends to share one account itself. Prices for 1 screen might be $7.99 p. m. with a standard definition and for 2 screens, it might be $7.00 p. m. with high definition and finally for 4 screens, it costs $11.99 p. m. with HD and ultra HD.

How Much Does Netflix Cost In Your Country?

Netflix Cost in UK

Netflix is also available in UK with different plans and are available at various prices which is furnished below:

Name of the PlanNo. of DevicesMonthly Cost
Basic1 Screen£5.99
Standard2 Screens£7.99
Premium4 Screens£9.99

Netflix Cost in USA

Basic$7.99 Per Month
Standard$9.99 Per Month
Premium$11.99 Per Month

Netflix Cost in Australia

BasicA$8.99 Per Month
StandardA$11.99 Per Month
PremiumA$14.99 Per Month

Netflix Cost in India

BasicRs. 500 Per Month
StandardRs. 650 Per Month
PremiumRs. 800 Per Month

Netflix DVD Cost Per Month

Netflix users who currently stream movies and receive DVDs by mail, is offered with a special pricing scheme that represents 60% increase in monthly costs. Previously, it has offered a plan costing $9.99 that has provided both unlimited streaming and unlimited DVDs and now these members will have to choose between both streaming & DVDs for an increased cost of $15.99per month. The revamped pricing plans are effective and are offered for the new subscribers and Blu-ray discs may carry a surcharge for one DVD and extra of $2 per month.


Netflix is definitely said as one of the best movie streaming or TV shows streaming website available around the world for streaming movies, TV shows and streaming music online using Netflix plans and Netflix DVDs that are available with reasonable prices. These services are also available on phones like Androids by downloading the app. Though the users enjoy Netflix services per month for free, the users should have to pay Netflix monthly cost to keep enjoying Netflix services.


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