Kentucky Lottery Pick 4 Results & Past Winning Numbers

As we all know that a surprising and an amazing word Lottery, every citizen usually attracted to this word. This is an exciting feeling to buy lottery tickets and think over about it. There is another exciting moment for the people that is waiting for the lottery results. With tense, excited, and many more comes under this while waiting for the lottery results. Whether they win the lottery or not. From this post, we are here to clear all of your stress, tensed, exciting and many more by Kentucky Lottery Pick 4 Resuls today at 1:20PM and 11.00 PM exclusively for the people who are thoroughly waiting for the results. So stay tuned to our website.

Kentucky Pick 4  lottery results draw will be revealed on 1:20 PM and 11:00 PM. The people who are thoroughly waiting for the result updates, price details or lottery details, everything, you can follow in our website.

Kentucky Lottery Pick 4 Results

Today people in Kentucky, who have bought these Pick 4  Jackpot Lottery tickets are waiting for the time 1:20 PM and 11.00 PM to come early for checking their lottery number whether they got price money or not. The people for Pick 4  game buyers can check their Lottery Result from here on this website. The price details, numbers, prize money, winners list and etc. you can find here.

Today Pick 4 Lottery Results – Kentucky

As Kentucky people know every day at 1:20 PM and 11.00 PM, Kentucky Lottery Pick 4  Draw reveals and the results will be released. You have to wait till 1:20 PM for midday and 11.00 PM for evening draws and after you can check your lottery result here in this website.

Let us now see the winning chances, Winning Numbers and Prize Money in this Pick 4  game as follows:

The top prize is $1000 per day and the second prize is  $25,000 a year of life.

Pick 4 Result | 9.6.2018

Prize MoneyWinning Numbers

Keep in Mind:  Prize winners are advised to check their lottery numbers correctly and report at a particular state Government venues with their winning tickets to submit within limited to receive their prize money.

Pick 4 Results – Kentucky draw will be held and reveal the prize winners today. Exclusively for the ticket buyers here in this website at and after 1:20 PM and 11.00 PM. stay tune here.

Steps to play this Pick 4 game

Pick 4: Interested players can play this Pick 4 or Pick 4 in this Kentucky Lottery system. You need to fill your play slip with the 3 numbers which you have selected or you can choose Quick Pick and let the computer select numbers for you. In these games, you can have 5 panels so that you can select up to five sets on a single play slip. Use a blue or black pen. Don’t erase or make any mistakes. Accidentally if you did any mistake, Mark on VOID BOX, which you can see on your play slip. Next, you need to select your bet type from Straight, Box or Straight Box and Front Pair, Back Pair or combination. You can play this game for $.50, $1.00 or a combo wager for $.25, $.50 or $1.00 per each wager. There is also an Advanced Play option. Be sure that you have to save your ticket to claim any winnings you may receive.

Draw Held on at 1:20 PM and at 11:00 PM

Play, Win and Enjoy…

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