10 Popular Linux Flavors – What Flavors of Linux Work Best for You?

Top Linux Flavors: Linux is an operating system that is built around the Linux kernel. The defining component of Linux distribution is that, it is an operating system kernel refers to the operating system family that emphasize the most Linux distributions and not Linux Kernel and have a common and numerous utilities and libraries with a large proportion which are from the GNU project. Linux was personally developed for personal computers which are based on Intel x86 architecture but has been ported to more platforms than any other operating system.

Linux Flavors

Best Linux Flavors

Here we provide the information regarding some of the best Linux Alternatives. Just go through.

Zorin OS

Zorin OS is the most prominent of the bunch and has manpower with a standardized development cycle like that of Ubuntu LTS. This operating system once installed makes the user feel right at home as it has generalized Windows look for the user coming from Windows. Using this software, the user is almost be able to visit wherever the user is mostly fond of visiting on their Windows PC. By default, Zorin OS look like Windows 7 but it doesn’t and the features might be same as that of Windows XP style and Gnome 2.

Website: https://zorinos.com


This Linux alternative lets the user to sync the data to the cloud and use them from a single file ecosystem. StoAmigo provides the cleanest UI with best security feature and coolest desktop client. Users are allowed to remote access with unlimited bandwidth for uploads, featured with clean UI and don’t have size limits.

Website: https://www.stoamigo.com


Lime Text is an alternative for not only Linux, but also for Sublime Text to some extent. It is a free and open source clone of Sublime Text and is having same features as that of Sublime Text that is frustrated with slow development with hardly insights on upcoming Sublime Text.

Website: https://limetext.org

Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux, being one of the Linux alternative run from USB drive and is opposed to being fully installed to the hard drive. The process for setting up Puppy Linux USB isn’t a straight forward by installing some distributions and performing common tasks that include connecting to the internet sometimes may hit and miss. Puppy appears in dozens of applications and utilities to overlap the problems of Puppy Linux internet applications. There are different versions available in Puppy as the developers had provided a great method to create their own version and also makes possible to use software from the repositories of different system using Ubuntu version.

Website:  https://puppylinux.org


This is one of the Linux alternative linked with Notepad. Notepadqq is and exact replica of Notepad++ and acts free and an open source. It helps developers by providing in the way that the user can expect from a general purpose text editor with syntax highlighting for more than 100 different languages, file monitoring, color schemes and many more. The user can search using the power of expressions and can organize documents side-by-side. The user can use a real=time highlighting to find the near identifiers in less span of time.

Website: https://notepadqq.altervista.org

Elementary OS

Elementary OS is one of the options based on fast replacement for Windows and Mac users alike looking to migrate to Linux. The operating system is extremely solid and grow on the user when the user begin using the Pantheon DE. The recent release of Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu LTS 14.04 which is of course meant for the user for getting updates and security patches for the next five years as it is same as release of Ubuntu LTS. The latest release is named as Freya and is available for the most popular PC architecture viz. x86 & x64 and are quite light weight.

Website: https://elementary.io


CloudMe provides users a virtual desktop in the cloud with 20GB of storage space for free users and premium plans € 1/mo for 10 GB with support, € 4/mo for 25 GB and goes up to € 30/mo for 500 GB. By virtue of the client app available for all major OS on the document will remain as organized as the user left them and may be safe when the user access the cloud account from other sources.

Website: https://www.cloudme.org

Linux Mint

Linux Mint gives user the power of Ubuntu with simple user interface which is called as Cinnamon.  The Cinnamon desktop boasts with a stylish look which makes the user able to feel to customize many aspects on Desktop. It is divided with a number of key applications that the user can add their own touch to their PCs.  Linux Mint is said to be a full set of applications for everyday use including The LibreOffice Suite; the Banshee, audio player; The Firefox, web browser and The Thunderbird, email client.

Website: https://linuxmint.com


Kubuntu is an extreme configurability app for everything outside the box and comes with KDE desktop environment that has an officially supported branch of Ubuntu with KDE specific functions or applications for good functioning that the user need to do on his PC. It is easy to be submerged with KDE experience which is unlike another to watch a video to get a quick overview of the feature set of operating system. Kubuntu is not exactly light weight and the user’s system must have an ample resource to run the PC effectively with OS as its features animations and many more.

Website: https://kubuntu.org


It’s an operating system which is set of basic programs and utilities that make the computer run with the core operating system Kernel, which is the most fundamental program on the computer that does all the basic functions and makes the user to start other programs. Debain is so committed to free software designed for the users and the commitment was a formalized in a written document. Debain run on almost all PCs including most old models and each new release of Debain generally supports a larger number of computer architectures.

Website: https://www.debian.org


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