Top 10 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android in 2018

Are you amongst those Android users who are hunting for battery saver apps? Usually, people look for alternatives when their phone is discharged. Instead of looking for a charger, you should choose smarter way like downloading a good battery saver app. Here in this, we are providing the Best Battery Saver Apps for your android devices.

Best Battery Saver Apps

10 Best Battery Saver Apps

The number of battery saver applications are available for your android devices. Typically battery saver measures are manual, including turning down the frequency that apps sync data, turning the brightness on your screen down, and other tried and true methods. But it is difficult to find the best application which saves your battery charge on your android devices.

However, below we are mentioning some of the Best Battery Saver Apps for Android.

1. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is one of best battery saver app for android. It is available for free and approximately 100 million users download this app on Play Store. This application is developed for both iOS and Android. You can optimize the battery power by stopping the battery consuming applications, with just a tap of a finger. This app supports nearly 28 languages, so we can use it in different language also rather than English. With its smart charging mode, we can charge our device faster than its default speed. This application also allows you to monitor the battery condition according to the App type.

2. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver is another free popular and among battery saver app for android. It is also available on Play Store for us. The best option is that it provides 4 battery profile according to different situation of out battery. It provides a single master switch to turn on/off the battery for android. You can take mandatory action because its smart technology intelligently calculates and displays the remaining battery life and prompts. It is an easy app to use and it stops all apps which are running in the background.

3. Power Pro Battery Saver

Best Battery Saver is a powerful and easy power manager app which is specifically designed with two battery savings mode to give you a long-lasting battery life for the users. The two modes are named as the ultra-mode and balanced mode. It is available for you on Google play store for free, and approximately 1 million users download this application. This app also allows the users to close all those apps, which consume most of the battery.

4. DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger

DU Battery Saver is the top and free battery saver app for android which is developed by DU Apps Studio. It is available on Google play store for its users. This application have a smartphone cooler that maintains the CPU performance and control its temperature. It saves up to 50% phone battery on your android devices. Pre-set battery saving mode, phone cooler, and one-click optimizer are some additional features of this app. DU Battery Saver works on Android devices which have 2.3 or higher android versions.

5. One Touch Battery Saver

One Touch Battery Saver is also a good Battery saver app for android which is also available on Play store for free to the users. The excellent feature of this application is when we have a low battery in our android phone, it will automatically turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS and automatically reduce brightness etc. The Battery Usage Setting of this battery saver app will adjust the battery usage status automatically to monitor the battery life more. One Touch Battery Saver automatically kills all the unnecessary background processes of the mobile device.

6. 360 Battery Plus-Battery Saver

The 360 Battery Plus-Battery Saver app works to optimize the smartphone battery and provides 24-hour battery consumption report. The power saving mode of this application analyzes the running and idle apps and notifies the battery eating apps of the mobile device. It tracks the apps which start automatically when the smartphone is switched ON and eliminates them to prevent battery drainage on your phone. This battery saver application also cuts down the battery charging time to a great extent.

7. iBattery

iBattery is a light weight among all the android battery booster apps which is also available on Google play store for free. Approximately 5 million people download this application from Play store. This application provides attractive look and easy to use GUI. By disconnecting an Internet connection this application saves your battery while in sleep mode. iBattery app automatically monitors our phone battery performance and kill all unnecessary processes.

8. Battery Saver

Battery Saver is another best battery saver app for android. This application works on rooted android devices only. It also monitors and alerts you to turn off the battery consuming devices like Bluetooth, display, s, Wi-Fi, Sound and much more. This app detects our phone power consumption and gives suggestions to the users to control it. Battery saver kills assignments with one tap and kill applications when screen is off. When we have less power it enables the airplane mode also. Approximately 5 million people download this battery saver application from Play store.

9. Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

Go Battery Saver & Power Widget is one of the best power manager app which is available from Play Store free. This app is capable of extending your battery life. Power saving mode, smart saving, toggle control, power testing, etc are the main features of this battery saving application. It will provide one-click battery consumption optimization and also provide personal UI designed widgets which will improve android battery life. Go Battery Saver & Power Widget will gives accurate estimate of remaining battery time.

10. Power Clean

Power clean is one of the professional power cleaner and battery saver apps across the world. With one tap this smart android phone cleaner, clean phone memory and storage space simply. It clean app not only saves the battery life but also improves the performance of the device. The other highlight features include CPU cooler to cool down processor temperature, duplicate file remover, memory boost to instantly free up RAM and hardware health monitor. The Power clean app detects battery draining apps automatically.



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