May 25th | What Happened Today in History? | Historical Events on This Day

May 25th | Today in History: Get information about Historical facts of the day in the areas like military, Politics, Science , Music, Sports, Arts, Entertainment, Births, Deaths and more happened around the world on May 25th. Celebrities who born on this day is mentioned at the bottom of this article you will be shocked after reading that.

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May 25th in History
May 25th in History

May 25th Historical Events

Events Happened on May 25th
585 BCFirst known prediction of a solar eclipse made by Thales of Greece
1085Alfonso VI takes Toledo, Spain from the Muslims.
1787The Constitutional convention opens at Philadelphia with George Washington presiding.
1810Argentina declares independence from Napoleonic Spain.
1851Jose Justo de Urquiza of Argentina leads a rebellion against Juan Manuel de Rosas, his former ally.
1911 President of Mexico- Porfirio Diaz, resigns his office.
1914The British House of Commons passes Irish Home Rule.
1925John Scopes is indicted for teaching Darwinian theory in school.
1935Jesse Owens sets six world records in less than an hour in Ann Arbor, Michigan
1946Jordan gains independence from Britain.
1953The first atomic cannon is fired in Nevada.
1967John Lennon’s Psychedelic Rolls Royce Expensive car is delivered.
1968The Gateway Arch in St. Louis which is Standing 630 feet tall and 630 feet wide at in base is dedicated.
1895On charges of “gross indecency” In 1895 Playwright Oscar Wilde was arrested under Section 11 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act earlier in April ( in 1895 ) this term implied ‘homosexual acts not amounting to buggery’.
192079% of new ships just built or in design and build stages have moved from coal burners to oil burners as fuel is confirmed by a study into American merchant shipping.
1925U.S.A. John T. Scopes:The Tennessee state law prohibits the teaching of evolution in public schools. So it indicted a high school science teacher, John T. Scopes for teaching the theory of evolution in his classes.
1935Jesse Owens U.S.A: At the Big Ten meet in Ann Arbor, Michigan including broad jump, the 220-yard dash and the low hurdles Jesse Owens broke three world records.

Babe Ruth U.S.A: At Forbes Field in Pittsburgh Babe Ruth hit the 714th and final home run of his career while playing for the Boston Braves against the Pittsburgh Pirates. He announced his retirement shortly afterwards .

1943Dusseldorf Bombing World War II:In 1943 500 RAF Bombers bombed Dusseldorf and laid waste to parts of the city that have been left standing, also the RAF were in action in Burma with a raids into western Burma.
1958Charles de Gaulle the France General becomes Prime Minister of France.
1961Money To Put A Man On The Moon U.S.A. :To help the US put a man on the moon before the end of the decade President Kennedy has asked Congress for $531 million. Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the Moon on July 21st 1969. .
1963African Unity in Ethiopia Organisation: To create the Organisation of African Unity / OAU to “decolonize” the remaining bastions of white rule in South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, Mozambique and Angola with any and all means possible including providing African “freedom fighters” with finance, arms, volunteers and training bases are united by African states..
1965Muhammad Ali VS Sonny Liston Rematch

On February 25, 1964, following the Cassius Clay defeat of Sonny Liston for the world heavyweight boxing championship and changing his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali. In Lewiston, Maine, for the Heavyweight Championship, Liston and Ali meet for a second time.Liston goes down during the first round (Often called by a phantom punch ) and the Referee Jersey Joe Walcott stops the fight awarding Ali a first-round knockout.

1967European Cup won by Portugal Celtic :At the Portuguese National Stadium in Lisbon, Glasgow Celtic becomes the first British team to win the prestigious European Cup, beating favorites Internazionale Milan 2-1
1974Flixborough Disaster UK :At Flixborough an explosion at a chemical plant leaves more than 25 dead.


1977First Star Wars Movies Opens in U.S.A.

In American Theaters, Star Wars written and directed by George Lucas and released by 20th Century Fox is opened. The original Star Wars grossed nearly $800 million worldwide and at the 50th Annual Academy Awards it won multiple awards and created a cult following for future Star Wars Movies.

1978First Atlantic City Casino in U.S.A.: For dice rollers and card players.

The nations first legal casino outside of Nevada opens in the resort town of Atlantic City NJ.

1979Plane Crash near Chicago Airport : A flight from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois American Airlines Flight 191 crashed and exploded in a field near the airport. 273 people, including two on the ground are killed in the crash.
1982Atlantic Conveyor Falkland Islands and HMS Coventry: Two Argentinian Super Etendards fire French-built Exocets and destroy the Atlantic Conveyor. Causing explosions and the ship to capsize by a separate attack Argentine Skyhawks hit HMS Coventry four times with 1,000 bombs.
1986Hands Across America U.S.A.:Hoping to raise more than $50 million to fight hunger and homelessness in “Hands Across America.” approximately Seven million Americans joined hands.
1988The median price for a home is now $87,700 is said by A report by the National Association of Realtors.
1994To run Britain’s first national lottery which starts in November The Camelot consortium pledging to give up to 30% of its takings to five “good causes”. has won the contract.
1998The Internet is more likely to provide bad information than good as there are no checks and balances in place, this is well shown if someone is searching the Internet for medical advice as much of the content on the Internet is completely wrong and in some cases could be considered a danger.Concerns are being raised by many librarians and academics. The two founders of Google were developing a new kind of search engine this same year that became the dominant player in Search Engines and they used a different way to measure the contents of a page using a form of voting from links on other sites which would be more likely to give the best results. Since then many SEO’s have found ways to fix the voting by buying links or spamming links.
2005In Azerbaijan the longest oil pipeline in the world is opened which was one thousand miles long and travelling through Georgia, and ending at a Mediterranean sea port in Turkey. It took over ten years to build the pipeline and cost over three billion dollars. It reaches from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.
2006Two people who convicted in Houston of conspiracy and fraud for the company’s downfall are Former Enron Corp. Executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling.Before sentencing Kenneth Lay died and Skilling was sentenced to 24 years in prison.
2008At a factory near Arak, Iran a chemical explosion created a fire that killed thirty people and injured almost forty others. The factory that produced cosmetics and detergents were nearly completely destroyed by the blast, but the fire was quickly brought under control.
2009An underground detonation of a nuclear device in the province of North Hamgyong as part of its nuclear weapons program was conducted and announced by North Korea. North Korea now believes it should be considered a full nuclear power, this raises a number of questions and problems for The United Nations Security Council over concerns that North Korea could sell this technology to other countries or terrorist organizations making nuclear proliferation likely.
2010Another nineteen year old Foxconn worker was found dead at  iPhone Factory after falling off of a building at the factory. The worker was the tenth person to die in this manner at the factory since the beginning of 2010. The large company produces mobile phones and other electronics for various computer companies, including the Apple iPhone. The company admitted that many suicides were committed in past years .The employees were under too much pressure and pushed too hard.
2011Jared Loughner, the man accused of shooting and killing six people, and injuring US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in a January incident, was found incompetent to stand trial. After being evaluated by mental competency experts Loughner pleaded not guilty and was declared unfit for trial.
2013Ukraine’s first gay pride parade took place with about one-hundred attendees in the country’s capital city of Kiev. Police were present and arrested thirteen people who were trying to break up the gathering.

May 25 Famous Birthdays

1803                 American essayist and philosopher –Ralph Waldo Emerson
1878Tap dancer-Bill “Bojangles” Robinson
1886Founder of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)-Philip Murray, American labor leader
1889American aviation engineer who developed the first successful helicopter-Igor Sikorsky
1898Founder of Random House.-Bennett Cerf, publisher
1898Heavyweight boxing champion-Gene Tunney
1908Poet-Theodore Roethke
1926American jazz trumpeter-Miles Davis
1929Opera Singer-Beverly Sills
1932Novelist and Journalist-John Gregory Dunne
1938American writer-Raymond Carver
1949Author (Annie John, Lucy)-Jamaica Kincaid

What Happened in Indian History Today? i.e on May 25th

Now let us move on to the events which are happened on May 25 in Indian History.So many events are held on May 25 in India.Discover what happened in India on May 25 History. You can read This Day In History which consists of the important events that happened on May 25 in India.The important historical events in india that happened on May 25 History are mentioned in the below given table.

May 25 in Indian History

1606Spiritual leader of Sikhs and Hindus, Guru Arjun Dev was massacred at the instruction of Emperor Jahangir.
1611Emperor Jahangir married Meherunnisa, widow of Sher Afghan.Meherunnisa received the title Noor Jahan.
1877Passenger steamer Sir John Lawrence- of McLean & Co. of Calcutta–sank near the coastline of Orisa in a storm. This ship carried 732 passengers.
1886Great revolutionary, freedom fighter, social reformer and leader, Rash Behari Basu was born at Palara Bighati village, West Bengal.
1894Bengali poet, Biharilal Chakravarthy passed away.
1899Revolutionary and Bengali poet, Nazrul Islam was born in Churulia village of Burdwan district.
1915Sabarmati Ashram was established by Mahatma Gandhi near Ahmedabad.
1917A freedom fighter, Abdul Vavakunju Ummasalumma Khader was born in Kerala. He was hanged on September 10, 1943.
1924A famous educationalist, Ashutosh Mukherjee passed away in Dumraon at Bihar .
1933To prevent spread of terrorism all young Hindus aged between 12 and 25 years were forced to carry identity cards.
1936A cricketer (Indian slow lefty, hat-trick for Qld 1969), Rusi Framroze Surti was born in Surat, Gujarat.
1937Munshi Ajmeri passed away.
19411941: At Ganges Delta region in India 5,000 drown in a storm.

1941:A devoted patriot and freedom fighter, Sagarmal Gopa was arrested in Jaisalmer. He wrote two books “Jaisalmer Rajya ka Gunda Shasan” and “Raghunath Singh Ka Mukadma” for which he was prohibited to enter in Jaisalmer.

1954A physical expert, Maharshee Rajratna ‘Manikrao’ who also named as Gajanan Yashwant Manik, passed away.
1961A left-hand batsman and slow-spin bowler, Woorkeri Venkat Raman was born in Madras.
1965In 1965 and 1971,Independent India had further clashes with Pakistan.One over the intractable Kashmir dispute and the other over Bangladesh. In 1962 in the North-Eastern region a border war was also fought with China, which resulted in the loss of Aksai Chin in Ladakh and smaller areas in the North-east. India continues to dispute sovereignty over these areas.
1979Commercial Unity Day started.
1990 J&K Governor, Jagmohan resigns. Girish Chandra Saxena appointed new Governor.
1991Indian, UN Angola Verification Mission – I ended (UNAVEM – I June 1989 – May 1991).
1993Baikonur facilities to India are offered by Kazakhstan.
19951995:An assent to Budget given by Parliament and passes Finance Appropriation Bill.

1995:In Rajya Sabha, Voting on the Criminal Law Bill deferred again.

19961996:In Pondicherry DMK-led coalition ministry headed by R.V. Janakiraman.

1996:Best film national award was won by Kathapurushan’.

1996:Decision to revive Sri Krishna Commission set up to probe the 1993 Mumbai riots is announced by Maharashtra govt.

1997Tamil Nadu Government agrees to create a new bus corporation named after Pulithevan in a bid to break the deadlock on naming transport corporation after caste leaders in southern districts.

1997:Seven Pakistani infiltrators are killed in an encounter with BSF in Ranbir Singh Pora.

19991999:India blasts its way into the global satellite launch vehicle market with the PSLV-C2 deploying two foreign satellites besides the Indian remote sensing satellite, IRS-P4.


1999:The Prime Minister declares the Centre will take all possible steps to push back infiltrators in Kargil.


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