The Top 10 Best Video Players For Windows PC (2018)

Are searching for the best video players to watch movies for your windows PC? Usually, you are in confusion when it comes to choosing a good video player, for all your questions here you can get answers. In this article, we are providing you the details of Best Video Players For Windows PC.

Best Video Players For Windows

List of Best Video Players For Windows

Video Players plays a vital role while you are watching your favorite movies or videos. There are number of video players are available for your Windows PC.

The below mentioned Best Video Players For Windows are some of the best players with exceptional functionalities to cater your needs.

1. KMPlayer

KM Player is one of the best choices if you want to watch your favorite films. The videos run smoothly and there are some impressive features too. KMPlayer supports for 3D, 2K, 4K & UHD, presence of internal codec files which make playback easier. Here you have an excellent option to set up libraries when it comes to videos and music so you can get an awesome media experience. It is a free to download the application and supports almost all the versions of Windows Operating Systems. KM Player 3D Movie Plus service app is provided for the users those who want to watch 3D movie trailers, advertisements, and documentaries from Discovery 3D World.

2. Potplayer

Potplayer is another free video player for your Windows PC. It supports for devices ranges up to Windows 8.1. It is also supports different kinds of 3D Glasses. This video player comes with all the necessary codecs to support almost every format of video. The Hardware Acceleration feature will helps to get best media experience from your desktop. When it comes to playback there are more features are available for you. Screen snapshot and scene bookmarking are other excellent features of Potplayer.

3. UMPlayer

UMPlayer is the short form for Universal Media Player. It is the best option if you want a seamless movie-watching experience on your Windows PC. It supports play files such as MP4, XVID, VOB, Matroska etc. UMPlayer is a software which provides a free media player with efficient features. There are some other options also available for the users to select media source from a wide variety of choices, including YouTube and other streaming services.

4. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player free, open-source software for watching movies, other kinds of videos etc, on your Windows PCs. It supports almost every video and audio format and offers a wide range of subtitle format support also. VLC Media Player has a simplified User Interface which does not include any ads or anything else. It doesn’t require any additional codecs for downloading Windows PC. It also allows you to record, capture and take screenshots with just pressed a button. It is good for your stored videos and you can stream many videos because it play files online directly from source. we are mentioning only a few features here, You can do more with this player for example if you want to watch TV programs using this player just Download IPTV M3u Playlists and import them into the player that’s it.

5. Plex

Plex is one of the free and best user friendly video player because it act as a typical video player in your Windows PC.  You are allowed to access your home-located PC with Plex and it has running on it, just login through any web browser. It offers online space to store your favorite video files for your later access. Here if you want to stream your content within LAN, you don’t have to go through any technical obstacles. It has a number of awesome features hidden, which you want.


MPC-HC is another free software. Typically number of users prefer a lightweight desktop software because it has lightweight nature to play different kinds of video files. Media Player Classic include key commands and lots more. MPC-HC can play each and every heavy file of yours. It has a portable version in addition which extends its productivity to a new level. According to your tastes and preferences you install toolbars and skins through this video player.

7. DivX Player

DivX Player is a good choice when you want get High-Quality movie-watching experience, including Ultra HD Videos and HEVC Playback. If any device have DLNA support, DivX Player lets you stream media. DivX Player has a lot of features such as FF/RW, through these features you can access chapters in each video, better organization through playlists, advanced audio playback etc. It support popular video formats such as AVIMP4 and MKV along with DIVX.

8. GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player is one of the best, free software which comes from GOM Lab. Through this you can play almost every media file. It offers advanced-level customization which supports different skins and you can download skins from official GOM Player site. GOM Media Player has a number of advanced feature such as the playback speed control, A-B repeat screen video effects, audio capture etc, when it comes to playback. It supports video formats like MKV, FLV, etc along with standard media formats. It is an impressive software to its users.

9. SMPlayer

SMPlayer is another free video player for Windows PC. It has standard features such as built-in codecs, integration to get the most appropriate subtitle etc. SMPlayer uses MPlayer as the media playback engine. The MPlayer is efficient to get the best out of your media hardware and enhance your movie-watching experience. It is the best open source for the users.

10. RealPlayer

RealPlayer is a free video which is available for Windows PC. Here you can stream your favorite videos and there are enhanced options to share those videos through cloud. It also offers standard features for its users. There is one best option to share your movies into big screen, such as HD TVs and you just need the app installed in your device. In this you can create bookmarks and keep them safe, then won’t your favorite stuff which available through RealPlayer.


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