10 of the Best Skype Alternatives for Free Video Calling/Conferencing

Skype is a telecommunications application software product specialized in providing video chat and voice calls between computers or tablets or mobile devices by the use of the internet. It also provides instant messaging services as users may transmit both text & video messages. It allows users to communicate by voice or a video using a webcam or a microphone and also allows instant messaging. Calls from Skype-to-Skype charge free while calls from landlines or mobiles to Skype are charged using debit-based user account system. Now let’s look for some of the Skype Alternatives useful for the people.

Best Skype Alternatives

Top 10 Best Skype Alternatives

Here we provide information regarding various Skype alternatives that are useful for the users in many ways.

1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts are used not only for making video or voice chats, but also for making instant messaging. It also allows group chatting between 10 members for free. The best thing to say about Google Hangouts is that its features are most similar to that of Skype and also available on Android or iOS or Windows phones etc. It will be uploaded to YouTube when the hangout is over or completed.

Website: hangouts.google.com

2. Appear

It is one of the easier ways to start a voice or video call. The user can incredibly use this simple way to start a call using this website. An iOS app helps to make calls in appear without signup or downloading. It is possible to integrate Appear in the user’s own website or blog. This will helps the user to chat with over 8 people at a time by creating a link called “Room”. The user can choose either voice or video call using this website and can share from the screen of the user.

Website: appear.in

3. Voca

Voca, being one of the Skype Alternative is undoubtedly a platform for making free international calls. It includes cheap international calls, tightly-encrypted calls and messages between app relatively affordable with convincing call charges to different countries across the globe.  Voca is available only for Android phones & iOS devices and is concerned to connect free international calls over the internet connection. It is followed with a credit-based payment system that makes sense when the user purchases a certain amount of credits.

Website: www.getvoca.com

4. Talky

It is a truly simple video chat screen having the possibility of screen sharing facility among groups. It allows the user to pick a room name i.e. URL that is unique and share it among 15 people. When the user is making a video or voice call, the user can turn on webcam or microphone and can chat via text. This app is used to make voice or video calls either domestically or internationally.

Website: talky.io

5. Voxox

This app allows the users to make voice calls and sent text messages and are available on Android, iOS and Windows. This app supports over 37 languages and also allows to share photos, videos and fax over chat. Using Voxox, the user can make calls either domestic or international to either landline or mobile at lower prices. It offers various services for business use such as Cloud phone, Sip trunks, and hosted PBX & Carrier services.

Website: www.voxox.com

6. FaceTime

Face Time is an excellent alternative for Skype and is used only on Mac and iOS systems. The users can easily make high-quality free video calls by downloading it from Mac app store. It also allows users to make free domestic and international and also for paid systems.

Website: www.apple.com

7. OoVoo

It is a free cross-platform app that allows the user to make free calls to other OoVoo users. The group calls are particularly maintained high quality and the users should be paid when making calls for landlines or mobiles. This app is mostly supportive in Android, Windows, and iOS. When the user start a Web-based chat with OoVoo, then it allows up to 12 people to join free online chat without signing up or downloading. The calls can be recorded and can be shared to other screens.

Website: www.oovoo.com

8. Webex

It is widely used and a trusted tool for making online meetings. This app is available on a freemium basis and its free version holds good for small teams up to 3 members with a paid plan and allows up to 8 members in the meeting. It also allows high-definition video & high-quality audio, allows screen sharing, apps and file sharing & switching between files. It highlights important points of the files or documents that are shared during the meeting, so that the users can note down the important points that are discussed in meeting and have many more features.

Website: www.webex.com

9. Viber

This app allows or offers making free calls between users. It includes games, public chats and calls to mobiles or landlines. When the user make international calls, Viber is available with free options on most platforms mostly on desktop that are having Mac and Linux too. It offers free chat either text or video or voice calls to anyone who uses this app and can hold up to 40 people. The domestic & international calls are charged with affordable rates.

Website: www.viber.com

10. Uber Conference

Uber Conference is an audio conferencing but doesn’t support video conferencing and is widely used and most trusted software. It is available with both free and paid plans. The user can do unlimited conferences up to 10 callers for free and 100 callers with a paid plan. It also maintains high-quality audio and can record or lock the call for security.

Website: www.uberconference.com

These are all Skype Alternatives. Have you ever had any experience using these alternative video conferencing services? What is your personal favorite? Let us know in your comments.


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