Colorado Mega Millions Friday Lottery Result

Good day to all Mega Millions of Game Players. This page is mainly about to post the result of Today Mega Millions related to Colorado State Lottery. Colorado People, you no need to check your Mega Millions result in the Official website of Colorado State by fighting with the server problem and rush. You can check here on our website as soon as the Megamillions Friday result when they are out. So keep checking our site for Your wanted information for Mega Millions Result. Colorado State Lottery Mega Millions Today Result Check on our site.

How to Check Colorado Mega Millions Winning Numbers Through Online

At the time of 7:45 PM, the draw result will be out and Colorado People can check their Mega Millions of numbers with the winning numbers. Just be cool and wait for the Draw time to come and check your result here on this website for Mega Millions Friday Result.  So Stay Tuned to our website.

Friday | Mega Millions Today Result

Dear players of Colorado Lottery, check below for your Today’s Mega Millions Lottery result online. 7:45 PM is the exact time where the people in Colorado who bought Mega Millions Lottery ticket are excitedly looking for. Lottery Ticket Buyers can check time to time updates regarding Today Mega Millions. Now today’s Result available on our Website. So, get your Mega Millions to result from this page.

Colorado State Lottery Mega Millions Today Winning Numbers

At 7:45 PM every Friday, Colorado Lottery Mega Millions Draw reveals and the winning numbers will be released. You can wait till today (Friday) up to 7:45 PM and after you can check your lottery result here on this website.

Here you can see your Colorado State Mega Millions Friday  result on our website in all possible cases with winning numbers and Prize payouts as follows:

$40 million is the starting jackpot figure and grow by a minimum of $5 million per draw each time the jackpot rolls. And this jackpot amount is estimated and differ from day to day or draw to draw.

22.6.2018 | Today Mega Millions Result

Draw DateWinning NumbersMega ballMegaPlierJackpot


Match —————–Colorado Winners ———————Prize
Match 5 + MB ——————-0 —————————Jackpot
Match 5                  ————–0————————– $1,000,000
Match 4 + MB ——————-0————————— $10,000 
Match 4  ————————-4—————————- $500
Match 3 + MB ——————-5—————————- $200
Match 3 ————————221 ——————————$10
Match 2 + MB ——————127—————————– $10
Match 1 + MB —————–1,022 —————————–$4
Match 0 + MB —————–2,305 ——————————$2

Megaplier Colorado Winners
Megaplier: 2

Match —————-Colorado Winners——————— Prize
Match 5 ———————–0——————————- $2,000,000
Match 4 + MB —————-0——————————- $20,000
Match 4 ———————–4——————————— $1,000
Match 3 + MB —————–6———————————- $400
Match 3 ———————-143———————————- $20
Match 2 + MB —————-73———————————– $20
Match 1 + MB —————-668———————————- $8
Match 0 + MB —————1,517——————————— $4

Note:  The State prize winners are advised to check their lottery numbers correctly and report at a particular state Government venue with their winning tickets to submit within limited to receive their prize money within 30 days of draw date.

The process of Playing Colorado Mega Millions Game

Mega Millions: You can play up to five sets of numbers on each play slip. You can play this game for $2. In this game, jackpot starts at $40 million. Choose five numbers from 1 – 70 and a mega ball number from 1 – 25. Or you can use quick pick option and let the computer selects numbers for you. In this game, there are nine ways to win which starts from $2. Match the first five numbers and a mega ball to win the jackpot. Make your signature on the back side of your ticket. Mega plier is another feature in this Mega Millions Game. You need to pay extra $1 per play. The Prize payouts for this Mega Plier is different from the normal payout.

Draw held every Tuesday and Friday at 7:45 PM.

Next Draw Results will be updated very soon. So please stay tuned to our Website @

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