IELTS Application Test Date Transfer & Cancellation Policy

IELTS Transfer and Cancellation of Test dates: IELTS exam dates can be changed or cancelled. Requests for transfer or cancellation should be made in writing more than five weeks before at the test center before the scheduled test date. Cancellations are made before 5 week cut-off date and the candidate can receive refund of test fee deducting $50 dollars for administrative processing. Cancellations or transfer of test date within 5 week cut-off date are not eligible for receiving refunds.

Cancel or Change Registration of IELTS

About IELTS Exam

International English Language Testing System is the Full Form of IELTS Exam is an English language test which helps the students in improving English skills like reading, writing, speaking and listening. Around 30 lakhs people under 10, 000 organization attends IELTS test every year to improve their skills in English. IELTS treats all the test takers with utmost fairness and respect by actively avoiding cultural bias and accepting all standard varieties of native English including North America, Australia, New Zealand and British English. Look down for information regarding IELTS exam. This test is available at more than 1,100 locations world-wide which includes more than 50 locations in USA with 48 test dates every year. Look down for the information regarding IELTS Application Test Date and Cancelation Policy.

IELTS Application

IELTS Applications will be available for every academic year and students can fill the application form for registered into the course. The application form asks candidate information regarding candidate’s name, test date, test location, module selection, and address of the candidate, postal code, country code, occupation code etc. and the candidate can register a slot for his exam during the registration itself. Information regarding country code, occupational code etc. are provided in the next pages of application form.

IELTS Application Test Date

Candidate who is willing to prepare for IELTS exam, can select the test dates of his own. There is an option for the candidates to select their test center and test dates in the application form itself. So the candidates who apply for IELTS exam can choose their own exam date of their own interest according to their suitability and availability.

How to Cancel or Change Registration of IELTS

If the Candidates wishing to cancel their registration for IELTS must inform the authority of the IELTS test at least five weeks before the test date. And they will receive a refund of test fee. Candidates who wants to cancel the registration are required to fill and submit the Transfer/Refund from to the exam conducting authority.

Those who cancel their registration within the five weeks period prior to the test date will receive no refund. The candidates must have a serious cause for cancel the registration of IELTS test. The test refund must be completed and returned not more than five working days after the test date.


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